Tibet doesn’t want independence from China, says Dalai Lama: Important Highlights

Dalai Lama

Tibet wants to stay with China says Dalai Lama

According to reports, Tibetan Spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said that Tibet did not want independence from China but greater development. During a interactive session hosted by Indian Chamber of Commerce he said, “We are not seeking independence … we want to stay with China we want more development.”

Dalai Lama

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He further added, “Tibet has a different culture and a different script… The Chinese people love their own country and we love our country.”

The spiritual leader also said, from Yangtze to Sindhu Rivers, major rovers come from Tibet. Billions of lives are involved. Taking care of Tibet culture is not only good for Tibet but also for the Billions of people out there.

He appreciated India’s “spirit of religious tolerance”, adding that there were problems sometimes because politicians tried to manipulate it.

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He took a dig at the average Indian’s laziness as well- describing them lazier than Chinese.

The Buddhist Monk leader had a lot of say about India. He said, “India should combine modern education with human values rooted in its traditional teachings because that would help the country to pave the way for peace.”

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