This theorem can help to cure TB

This theorem can help to cure TB

Researchers at Rice University have tried to simplify the analysis of complex biochemical networks and has revealed inconsistencies in the biological data. Their theorem will help to detect hidden drivers of TB bacteria.


A new methodology developed by researchers at Rutgers University and Rice could help scientists understand how and why a biochemical network does not always work as expected. To test the approach, they analyzed the stress response of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and predicted new interactions

Principal investigator Oleg Igoshin said over the past few decades, bioscience has generated a wealth of information on biochemical networks, a collection of reactions that occur within living cells.

The study showed that as M. tuberculosis runs gradually in oxygen, the expression of some genes suddenly rise and then fall again. Biochemical network that controls the expression of these genes are characterized but the dynamic response mechanism was not understood.

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