This is what you will experience if you look younger than your age!


Guys, trust me if you look younger than your age that is the ultimate blessing take it as a compliment. From people assuming you are the baby of your peer group, to bars traffic cops, and movie theatres asking for your ID on cue, you know looking younger is a struggle you have to live with for most of your life.

Here, are things you will definitely experience if you look younger:-

1. By now you know the various ways in which people exclaim, “you are how old!?” And they still don’t believe how old you really are.

2. You have been asked about your age at the ticket counter of an ‘A’ rated film at least once in your life.

3. You travelled on a half ticket with your family for longer than you legitimately could. The Rajdhani TC still thinks you were 11 when you were 16. Lol

4. When you meet older people for the first time, they often end up asking you what or where you’re studying.

5. People half your age have no qualms about hitting on you.


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6. If you had a rupee for every time someone asked for your ID at a bar, you’d be able to sponsor everyone’s drinks.

7. Everything, from your clothes and hairstyle to your make- up routine, is part of your mission to at least look somewhat closer to your actual age.

8. You are treated as the baby of the group, even though you are actually close to one of the oldest.

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