This Buddha Purnima, Buddha will bring prosperity and luck for you!

The significance of this purest festival!

Well, Buddha Purnima is all around the corner and people have already started preparing for it. Buddha Purnima is a Buddhist festival which celebrates the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. It is celebrated majorly in India and the South East Asian countries like Nepal. Millions of people follow the essential teachings of Buddha. Buddha Purnima is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Hindu month Vaishakha. This year the festival will fall on 30 April. This day is said to be Purnima as Buddha was born on the night of full moon. It is also known as the Vesak day.

Lord Buddha

Gautama Buddha has always been an inspiration to many. His journey of life is unique and is also difficult to attain. His teachings are given immense Important as people follow it in their daily life.There was a boy named Siddhartha Gautama who was born in Nepal during 6th to 4th century BC. From the beginning, he was predicted to be either a great King or a great Spiritual leader. Being born into a royal family, his father wanted him to lead the kingdom and hence kept him away from all the sorrows and miseries of the world. But that boy was born for different purpose actually. One fine day he happened to visit a city and saw different kinds of people and situations which made him curious about the true meaning of existence. At a young age, he left everything to embark a journey of self-discovery and hence reformed as the great Gautama Buddha and found enlightenment.

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The essence of Buddha Purnima:

1.This is the day when Lord Buddha was born as ‘Siddhartha Gautama’.

2.He left the world and all its pleasures on this day in search of self-discovery.

3.He attained enlightenment on this day and became the one who is ‘fully awake’.

4.  It is believed that Buddha Purnima carries the creation of nine out of 10 favorable conditions termed as mahayog.

Hence, this day seems to be quite auspicious in terms of astrological significance as well.

Rituals you should know!

1.The Buddhist followers celebrate this day as the years most important hours. They dress up all in white on this day and do not consume nonveg food.

2.They start by paying a visit to the Viharas and practice their Buddhist Sutra.

3.People prepare kheer and share it others as a woman named Sujata had offered Lord Buddha a bowl of milk porridge.

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