Thinking To Buy an Evil Eye trinket for Buri Nazar? Take Tips from Experts

Why do people wear evil eye bracelets? How does it ward off negative energy?


How does evil eye ward off negative energy?

Why do people wear evil eye bracelets?

What Do Different Colors of Evil Eye Mean?

How does evil eye work? 

Things to remember, tips by Dr. Jai Madaan

Designs options and from Where to buy?

Do you fear the malevolent gaze? That someone can bring you misfortune simply by looking at you? We are asking if you have scopophobia. What we are asking is, do you believe in the evil eye? It has different names in different languages. But humans across various cultures have always believed in and feared the malevolent gaze. They also believed that someone’s envy could bring harm to another’s good fortune.

How does it ward off negative energy?

The evil eye is more than just a trinket. There is the evil eye charm which can be found on jewellery. There is the belief in the evil eye curse which is said to be transmitted through someone’s malicious or envious glare.

How they are connected is that some people believe that the evil eye charm can help dispel or ward off the evil eye curse. In some cultures, it is even believed that certain eye colours are more effective in casting an evil eye spell than others.

(Tejaswi Prakash wearing an evil eye)

Here is what a Byzantine writer believed to have lived in the third or fourth century said about the eye of envy,

“When anyone looks at what is excellent with an envious eye, he fills the surrounding atmosphere with a pernicious quality and transmits his own envenomed exhalations into whatever is nearest to him.”

However, it is also believed the envious eye can sometimes be unintentional and does not always mean the beholder of the evil eye is necessarily evil themselves.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in wearing an evil eye charm. Right now, evil eye

bracelets are trending.

Why do people wear evil eye bracelets?

Evil Eye Bracelets find their origin from the Mesopotamian civilization that dates back to 3300 BC.

Despite their popularity waning, these bracelets have taken on new forms and have slowly gained popularity again. However, the rising prominence of these bracelets is not merely due to the age-old belief. Furthermore, because of the evil eye bracelets, a wider range of bracelet jewellery collections are now available and have started becoming more of a fashion statement.

What Do Different colours of evil eye means?

Evil eye bracelets usually are made with coloured beads and have concentric circles, and are woven in black threads.

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For instance, light blue beads provide general protection, while green beads are believed to protect the wearer’s happiness. Traditionally, red beads serve to instill courage, while transparent beads help to maintain clarity of thought. However, the most common one is the threaded bracelet with dark blue beads featuring blue and white concentric circles. These circles give the appearance of an eye.

Dr. Jai Madaan, Vaastu expert astrologer, and globally renowned expert explained how the evil eye works.

“The evil eye is like a Nazariya, which wards the Nazar (negative energy)”, quoted by Dr. Madaan.

How does evil eye work? 

We are surrounded by multiple kinds of bacteria and viruses, however, the moment our immunity gets low, we fall sick. Similarly, when we are too stressed or have a negative to its extreme, our aura breaks. The ruptured aura absorbs the negative energy around us especially when we return from a social gathering. Thereafter, the evil eye helps fight this Nazar.

Things to remember 


For the evil eye to absorb negative energies it should be placed in full view. It should be placed somewhere where it can be seen by everyone. This is how all the negative energy will be absorbed.

Cleaning tips

An evil eye should be cleaned with salt water to remove stored negative energies. The evil eye needs to be cleaned every week. You can use rock salt with water to clean it.

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Design options and from Where to buy?

The design options available for the same bracelet are continuously being refashioned and recreated. For instance, the bracelets now come in a metallic chain as well, mostly gold or silver, apart from the basic threads. These are accompanied by embellishments such as precious stones and intricate designs. The idea is to put the stone in the centre of the beads to imitate an eye.

Some fashionable designs also have animal and floral motifs, religious symbols, or even studded diamonds.

These Instagram pages are offering some really beautiful evil eye bracelets, charms and other forms of jewels. Check out now.

Are you going to give an evil eye to your loved ones? Tell in the comment session if you have any queries related to this topic.

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