Things you should do before you turn 21!

Life is very much precious and guys every stage has its own importance in some or another way.

The 21st year of your life is important in many of ways. It’s that magical year when you are young, free and full of life!

The responsibilities still aren’t all that many and the time to have fun is in abundance!

Here are few thing you should do before you turn 21!

1. Spend some time off social media: So that you can give time to things and people that actually matter!

2. Come to terms with making mistakes because every mistake is a lesson in itself.


21 birthday

3. And then take responsibility for those mistakes… because you are not a kid anymore, as simple as that

4. Learn to accept changes

5. Learn the art of forgiveness…

6. Stop killing time!

7. Take a stand for yourself

8. Stay focused on your career

9. Keep a check on your expenses!

10. Travel to the places you have always wanted to!

Introspect yourself better once you hit 21!

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