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Yellow Fungus after black and white, everything you need to know

Yellow Fungus: Symptoms, causes, risks, treatment, etc, everything that you need to know

The proliferation of environmental moulds and unhygienic circumstances has resulted in an exceptional increase in black fungus cases and, more recently, white fungus infections. And yesterday, a case of ‘yellow fungus’ has been reported in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. India till now has reported over 8000 cases of white and black fungus. And as per experts, the yellow fungus is scarier than the black and white variant. Here’s a collection of all the information you need to know about yellow fungus.

Yellow Fungus

Yellow Fungus: Symptoms, causes, risks, treatment, etc, everything that you need to know

What is yellow fungus?

Yellow fungus, like black fungus and white fungus, is a fungal illness, but it may be lethal and deadly because it originates inside — unlike the others, which have apparent signs. According to ANI, Dr Tyagi stated that the yellow fungal feature frequently causes a delay in diagnosis. This property of yellow fungus makes it extremely difficult to handle and is much more hazardous due to the importance of early detection.


Loss of appetite, tiredness and weight loss are all indicators of yellow fungus. Patients with yellow fungus have symptoms such as sunken eyes owing to starvation and organ failure, sluggish wound healing and pus leaking from wounds, and necrosis in the latter stages of the illness (cell injury that leads to death of cells and living tissues). It is beings said that yellow fungus is scarier than black fungus and white fungus because it starts off internally, causing pus and leakage in wounds and slowing the recovery of wounds.


As per the information available till now, yellow fungal infections of this type begin because of unhygienic settings, such as inadequate hygiene, contaminated resources (including food), or abuse of steroids, antibacterial drugs, or insufficient oxygen. Patients with comorbidities or who are using immune-suppressing drugs are known to be at a higher risk of contracting the infection.

First Case

The first case of Yellow fungus has been diagnosed in Ghaziabad, UP. The person is known to have black and white fungus too along with the yellow fungus. “The CT scan revealed that the patient’s sinuses were OK, but after performing an endoscopy, we discovered that he had developed three species of fungi” (Black, White and Yellow). Reptiles are commonly found with yellow fungus. For the first time in human history, I discovered this. The senior doctor stated, “There is no reference to this in any publication.” –  Dr BP Tyagi, an ENT specialist.

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Yellow Fungus


The precaution includes, keep your room, and surroundings as clean as possible; remove stale food and faeces as soon as possible to prevent bacteria and fungus development; control the humidity in your room and house to prevent bacteria development and maintaining clean airflow within the room and residence.


The yellow fungus is curable if medical attention is sought promptly. In the treatment of yellow fungus, amphotericin B injection, an anti-fungal medication, is used. People finding any symptom of yellow fungus, or even of white and black fungus must immediately consider contacting a doctor.

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