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Things you need to know about hydro excavation cost

One of the growing popular alternatives to mechanical excavation is hydro excavation. Let us discuss some of the critical benefits of these operations


It might be that there is an upcoming project of excavation you need to carry out, but you have to execute it in little space. If you wonder what the best alternative to the traditional excavators is, you have come to the right place. Your best bet would be a vacuum truck. But, you should also know why hydro excavation trucks are more efficient. Non-destructive digging and vacuum excavation are simply the colourful representatives of the construction technology. Whether you call it a vacuum truck or a sucker truck – one thing remains constant. There is a significant expansion of them in the industry. Also, if you are not enjoying the benefits of these machines already, you are most certainly missing out on a lot. Learn more


What do we understand by hydro excavation?

The digging procedure, which takes the help of air or pressurized water to clear soils and dig holes without any destruction, is known as hydro excavation. The conventional methods lead to damage and are prone to excessive wastage of time and worksite accidents. In addition, although the industry leaders had utilized other mechanical processes earlier, it has proven to be more beneficial in the modern industrial excavation world.

The most common applications

This kind of exacavation helps in underground usage location regularly, for both small and big companies. These systems have multiple worksites uses for inspections, rehabilitation, repairs, and construction. These vehicles will help you excavate in areas where most other machines cannot perform in certain circumstances. An example would be the areas with utility lines in the ground, which you should not disturb. Here are some of its applications.

  • Soil removal
  • Landscaping,
  • Sewer rehabilitation,
  • Pipe rehabilitation,
  • Pole installation,
  • Sign installation,
  • Line installation,
  • Subsurface and underground utilities,
  • Slot trenching,
  • Sewer repairs and inspections,
  • Potholing,
  • Day lighting,
  • Removal of debris,
  • Excavation projects with limited space to work.


The prominent benefits of hydro excavation

One of the growing popular alternatives to mechanical excavation is hydro excavation. Let us discuss some of the critical benefits of these operations, which make them stand out. The following are the significant advantages:


It helps to complete the project in time

The drawback of mechanical excavation tools is that they tend to tear through the utilities and quickly destroy the pipes. This damage ends up delaying many construction projects. Hence, you will miss your deadlines, as it takes a long time to finish even the smaller projects. But hydro excavation does not delay or disrupt the site with expensive repairs. It is a gentler method. Not only is it fast, but also a more convenient procedure.


You can use it even in winter

In winter, the soil gets frozen and is harder to work on with the traditional instrument. The hot water excavation systems heat the ground to soften it. Therefore, the repair and construction project can work in the winter months as well.


The precision of the method

To soften the soil and cut through it, the operators direct the stream of water with a handheld pressurized wand. Sometimes there are obstacles near the worksite, like adjacent utility systems, signs, and streetlights. Despite the challenges, the professionals can navigate around tight quarters without significant damage to the environment. The flexible and small wands enable the navigators to steer in a general location.


There are minimal chances of damage or injury

The water pressure of vacuum trucks can easily cut through the soil and tough glass without having significant risk to underground utilities and passer-by. The hydro excavation process softens and vacuums up the soil and reveals pipes and wires, instead of using sharp metal equipment and massive backhoes to scoop up the dirt.
How renting vacuum trucks wiser than buying them?
If it is tough for you to determine whether you should rent or buy the vacuum trucks for your next excavation project, then continue reading to find out the primary benefits of renting them.


Rental trucks have a reduced cost

If you do not own a construction company, you will not need a vacuum truck daily. For a handful of the excavation project, renting is the best option. You may not know it, but there are numerous ways of renting a hydro excavation truck that will save money. The most apparent reason for its reduced cost is that a rental truck does not need maintenance. Naturally, you will be held from the maintenance cost. If the equipment malfunctions, the rental company has to pay for it. To prevent the on-going charge of truck maintenance, opt for rentals.


You will not need a large space for storage

Your company will have to store all the equipment you own. In the case of a small lot, you will face significant issues with keeping the truck. Rental trucks are a wiser option in the absence of a storage room for large equipment.


Reduced lost and downtime opportunities

A truck rental of hydro excavation reduces the lost and downtime opportunities from machinery issues. If you need to repair a rental truck, the rental company will fix it right away or replace the instrument. But, if you have purchased a car instead, repairing it will lose days to get it fixed.

However, it would help if you asked a few questions and know more before you finalize the rent. You must choose an experienced and reputable company to ensure reliable machines. In addition, you must ask how old the truck is, whether it requires replacement or repairs, whether the vacuum truck has been serviced if all the safety inspections are up-to-date, and what the daily or hourly rate is. The cost is estimated and calculated based on the amount of soil you moved. However, the single biggest mistake of customers is that they overpay while hiring a company for the job. You need to measure how productive your contractor is. If possible, before the work begins, try to find out the efficiency of the potential hydro excavator. Look beyond the rate per hour and ask for a hard bid or an estimate.

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