Is your work from home making you gain weight? Here are the simple things you can do to stay healthy in your WFH schedule

How to stay healthy in the work from home schedule?


Have you gained weight in the last few months? Do you suspect your work from the home schedule as the reason behind it? Well, it is fairly possible that your work from home is leading to weight gain because of course, the work from a home idea brought some real and major changes to your lifestyle, that none of us ever expected. And while we have entered winters, who doesn’t like working while remaining to be cosy, in the blankets and munching the favourite snack while working. Well, even if you don’t like it, just the fact that it is a major shift in the lifestyle and is leading to weight gain. But there is no need to worry as we have got your back.


Here are a few simple things you can do to stay healthy during your work from home schedule

Making a Routine

Office hours deliberately put you in routine without you even knowing it but the work from home schedule gives you the freedom to be your own boss at times and which is what might have been leading to the uncalled for weight gain. So, the first step begins with making a schedule for yourself. Analyze your present work requirements and make a new schedule for yourself.


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Make Time for Movement

Sitting in one place is one reason for obesity. Especially when a person sits in front of a screen for long hours, the chances of putting on weight automatically increase. IT is suggested that a person should at least make some movement in the place they are sitting every 60 minutes. This can including switching between one workstation to another.


Starting the day in a healthy manner


– A morning walk/ work out a schedule

Physical activity is highly important. Don’t miss out on that. Plan to go for a morning walk or fix your workout schedule for every day. This is that part of the routine that will ensure the healthy metabolism of your body.


– Plan for a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is highly important. Don’t go on for fried puris or junk food in the breakfast. Try to keep oats, poha, upma, idli, omelette, etc with a healthy smoothie or milk. The first meal of the day is very important, Hence, don’t miss out on that.


Try to sense if you are really hungry or it is just an urge to munch something

Try to connect with your hunger. There can be times when you are just feeling lazy or bored and hence, getting the urge to eat something. Don’t entertain such an urge. Try to take a minute to understand why would you want to eat anything at the moment. If it is hunger, treat yourself with healthy food. If it is not hunger, then try to divert your mind to something else, drink a glass of water, take a break, or maybe concentrate more on the work itself.


Ensure a good and healthy sleep

Cutting on your sleep is one reason why you would feel lethargic and tired and that will make you not follow your schedule. Hence, your schedule must include the time you should sleep and wake up and you are supposed to follow it strictly for yourself.

So, these are a few things that you might be missing during your work-from-home schedule. Follow it from now and stay healthy and fit.


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