Things that Should be Free to People but are Not

Here are the things that are a basic need but are still paid

Do you wonder about things without which your survival may become completely impossible in the time you have been living? Things that are just not luxury but a basic necessity to you and you believe are the same for every person living on this planet? If you list them down, what all with that list be constituting? Well, we thought of such a list and curated it here. But the more vital question about which we have thought of is are these things accessible to all? And at what cost are they being accessible. If these are the needs that are essential for survival, should a person be required to pay for it?

Well, here is a curated list of all the things that should be free but are certainly not. Roti, Kapda, and Makaan are mandatory on the list and are absolutely not free.


1. Food

Noone can really survive without food. Agree? Hence, this is a facility that should be surely given to every citizen. Precisely, a food choice can not be ensured but a right to a healthy and balanced diet is a requirement of every human being.


2. Clean Drinking Water

Well, less than 50 per cent of the population in India has access to safely managed drinking water. And, do they pay for that? Yes, they do. And can their survival be possible without it? Well, we all know the answer to it. But the problem bigger than this is the population that doesn’t even have access to clean drinking water and is facing adversities every day because of the same.


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3. Healthcare Facilities

Well, healthcare is one department that has provisions of being free on paper. There are several government hospitals (especially in Delhi) that have essentially done appreciable work to make healthcare free and affordable. But the larger section of the country doesn’t have access to good healthcare, and if it is free is really a concern.


4. K-12 Education of higher quality

Education is the first and foremost need after the Roti Kapda and Makaan. But is every child has free access to education, the answer is ‘MAYBE’ but is that a ‘Quality education’? Well, this is highly doubtful. On papers, RTE does give access to education to children but in practice, it doesn’t really lift to what a child deserves.


5. Access to Menstrual Products

Well, we can really be sarcastic here because after all, before talking about it as an essential product, we would be required to educate and introduce menstruators to the concept of menstrual products. Indian masses have not really had access to menstrual products and not that the awareness about it has been increasing, they are still paid, and not even tax-free. Hence, a basic requirement is a luxury for many who could not afford it.


6. Electricity

Well, we wonder can we live without electricity now? Is it possible for us to survive without light and a fan? Well, we highly doubt it. And all that we know is that electricity really not free in the country.


7. Mobile Phone

Well, again something that was once a luxury but has become a necessity now, ‘Mobile Phones’. Well, for the above mentioned, we had some subsidies and provisions which make them affordable at least, but mobile phones, they are nowhere seen as a necessity.


8. Internet access

Well, if the mobile phone is not free, what will a person do with free internet, but let’s just accept that a mobile phone without internet is almost not helpful. So, this is a mandatory point, deserving a mention.

These are the eight things that we spot as so essential that they should be free but aren’t. Tell us if we missed any such thing in the comments.


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