Single and wondering what you can do on Valentine’s day? Here are things you should be doing

Things, singles should be doing on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, a day that we all have long been associating with the idea of love and romance for one’s partner. It is an event that is identified as a time where lovers express their love and affection. But to me, what I feel is that the idea has become more or less started finding its relevance with couples, and not for the people who love each other. Well, definitely, the day is for couples as much as it is for any individual who wishes to enjoy, express, and cherish love, not just for others but for oneself as well. So, for those who are single, there is no reason why they should not be celebrating valentine’s day because it is a time for you to invest in love for others and in self-love.


Here are the things that singles can do on Valentine’s day


1. Organise a party with your single friends

Well. this time of the year, go and spot all your single friends, call them up and set a party with them. Eat, play, dance, sing and do whatever you like. Wish each other a happy valentine’s, express your feelings, and enjoy the moment with the people you love.


2. Order for yourself, the things that you love

Take this day as a day where you can cherish being single. Pick out your online store, find out all the things that you have been longing to buy, check the amount of money that you have in your pocket, and order the things that you have been wanting for yourself.


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3. Be on a movie date with yourself

Pick out the best movie that you have long been waiting to watch. Set your screen, make a coffee, a tub of popcorn, and all the relishing snack you like. Enjoy the film with yourself and make it a moment to enjoy and love yourself.


4. Do the secret Santa activity on valentine’s for your loved ones

Just like you become the secret Santa on every Christmas for your friends and family, be the secret valentine for your loved ones, and probably your crush too because, why not. Surprise everyone with secret gifts for them and make them feel happy and loved.


5. Pamper yourself

This day is a day where you can be on a date with all by yourself. Pamper yourself to the fullest, treat yourself with all the things that make you happy, enjoy spending time with yourself, breathe, and enjoy.


6. Go on a vacation

Make this valentine, a trip with yourself. Go on a solo trip of self-exploration. If you are a traveling person, you will rather enjoy being on a solo trip and in fact, you will get to know things about yourself that you might not have known for long.


7. Make it a day for your parents and family

Well, it is a day for the people you love. So, make it a day where you spend time with them, telling them how important they are in your life.


8. Install your favourite dating app and swipe, swipe, and swipe

Well, if you are really bored by being single, this is the time when you need to install all the favourite dating apps and start swiping for the perfect match.


9. Take a social media detox for the day

Well, in the world of social media, Valentine’s day would be a day when you will see couples posting about their relationships. So, if you can’t take it, go on a social media detox because of course, that is also self-love.


10. Go on a date

If you have been single before valentine’s day, maybe you aren’t supposed to be the same, even on valentine’s day. Go on a date with the person you have been liking and get mingled up.


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