First few things you should do once the lockdown ends, 5 smart and endearing suggestions inside

5 smart and endearing suggestions which might make you emotional, if you are reading it being in quarantine

Most of us are praying to our respected gods to curb the spread of coronavirus. We are not praying just for the sake of freedom of hanging out, eating at our favourite places or increasing the stock of our apparels.  We are also praying so that the COVID-19 doesn’t take millions of lives and it doesn’t dent our economy which is already struggling.

While we are locked inside our homes, we are actually understanding the value of freedom we have. We are getting to know how fortunate we are on normal days to do everything we want to. Many of us are dreaming of going to tour once the lockdown ends, some of us are thinking to visit our favourite food place and eat that dish until it bursts our stomach.

Things are going to change once we come out of the home quarantine. Some of us are going to cherish every moment of our life, even though if it challenges us because you never know your end. Some of us will become more sensible and try to save some money for extra-ordinary times like these. Maybe we will also start loving ourselves and dear ones more than earlier.

Amid all these, If you are confused what are the first few things that you want to do once the lockdown ends. We are here with 5 smart and endearing suggestions:

1. Visit a Salon/Parlour

First thing, you should do is, go to a salon. By the end of lockdown, if you are a guy, you probably have a beard like Osama and hairs like older Ajay Devgn. If you are girl, you look like current Britney Spears, so please go to salon/parlour and make yourselves presentable.

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2. Tell your dear ones how much you love them – in person

Everyone whom you love, who was away from you all these lockdown days, visit them in person and tell them, how much they mean to you and how badly you missed them. If you are staying away from your family, go see your parents. They are probably dying to meet you. Weren’t they literally asking you to come home every day on phone.

3. Get a medical insurance

You would be saying, seriously dude! Oh yes, we have never taken Health Insurance seriously in India. It’s a regular thing like your car/bike insurance in the west, and so should it be in India. Once the chaos ends, go get yourself a health insurance. You never know when the next pandemic or any disease comes and bites you.

4. Go out somewhere

Being stuck inside the home has probably left you done and dusted. We hope that the pandemic ends within the summer so that you could visit a hill station and spend some time talking to mountains. You could also hibernate in sea, we just want you to get your mojo back.

5. Hog on to all your favourite dishes from your favourite food place

We are sure more than half of you are already doing this the first thing once the traumatic lockdown ends. Surely, all your money is comfortably sitting in the bank, your hands are itching to disturb them, don’t they? Go, have your favourite dish from your favourite place and have the ultimate foodgasm.

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