5 things every Bihari will relate to if he/she moved to another state

If you can’t relate to these things, better not call yourself Bihari!

Bihar is one such state which sees lots of its people migrating to other states for studies and jobs. There is a saying about Biharis, Jahan Na Pahuche Gaadi, Waha Pahuche Bihari (Where even vehicles can’t reach, Bihari’s can), which means that they are everywhere. A study conducted by the Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS) revealed that more than 50 per cent of the households in Bihar are exposed to migration either within the country or outside the country.

Bihar is known for producing the maximum number of IAS and IPS officers, engineers, migrant labourers and criminals. Well, the last one is not to be proud of. Also, there is a stereotypical image of Bihari in other states that they are uncivilized, conservative, stupid, unhygienic, has a weird funny accent, spews curse words and deficient in English.

When a Bihari migrates to other states there are certain challenges for him/her. They have to adopt the language and culture of the place they are migrating.

Well, today we are going to talk about 5 things every Bihari can relate to.

1. A different world

When a Bihari migrates to another state for the first time, he/she is amazed by the living style and people’s behaviour. The migrant has seen people who are friendly, talkative and helping in Bihar but when he/she migrates he/she finds a different world where everyone is busy in their own life. They observe that people have a very limited social life.

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2. Problem with Da and Ra & Sa and Sha

The Bihari accent does not differentiate between the word Ra and Da or Sa and Sha. People call bra to BadaPahar to Pahad. For Bihari there is no Shah Rukh Khan, for them, it is Sah Rukh Khan. A Bihari migrant has to struggle with these two huge word problems apart from the usual Gaadi Aaya or Gaadi Aayi. It is a massive task to change the pronunciation and grammar for a person who has been reciting it wrong since birth.

things every Bihari will relate

3. People asking stupid questions

All the Bihar migrants are quite popular in office, college or school for their quirky, helping and intelligent mind. Bihar is a very interesting place for non-Biharis as they have only heard stories about them. This makes them curious, so they ask weird questions and demand weird things from Bihari friend such as Bhojpuri me baat kar ke dikha na , Are English Aati hai tujhe!, Tu to Bihar se hai, Math achhi hogi, padha de and many more.

4. Stereotypes about Bihari

There are so many stereotypes about Bihari people that the migrant Bihari didn’t know until he/she came out of Bihar. When the migrant sees his colleagues making fun of his accent and clothing, using the word Bihari as a slang, he/she is devastated.

5. Bringing Thekua for friends

You won’t find a single Bihari who is not joyous about Chhath Puja. A Bihari might not go home during Holi, Dushhera or any other festival but we dare you to stop a Bihari from going back to home for Chhath PujaThekua Prasad of Chhath Puja is one of its kinds and is hugely popular in the friend circle of a Bihari migrant. Every time a Bihari goes for Chhath Puja, he/she has no other options than bringing delicious and crunchy sweet Thekua.

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