Leaving the old school memories we step into our college life. Teachers becomes professors, periods becomes lectures, substitution becomes free classes.

There is no one to scold, to teach us and to tell us what is wrong , what is right. Our uniform changes to casual clothes. Hair plates gets changed to long open coloured hair strand.

Carrying cell phones, applying shades of lipsticks, putting liner-kajal-mascara, growing from school girls to pretty ladies and boys to young gentlemen. And here starts the college life.

When we enter in college, we see new atmosphere. We miss those scoldings, those punishments, our mates’s lunch boxes everything. But once we are settled in that atmosphere we enjoy being adult.

We make friends. Go on outings with them. We become mature and handle everything maturely. We do group studies, group projects and we don’t repeat our mistakes that at some point of our lives we did in our school once.


We do mass bunking and many more things with our new friends.

In college, socities give us exposure at higher level. Be it any society,

dramatics,dance,arts,fashion etc.

One always enjoys being part of it. College life ends with a new lesson that nothing is permanent, life is a journey that goes on and on and never stops.

We again cry on the day of farewell, miss our friends and cherish the happy moments.

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