There is no buddy like a brother!

Who is a brother? The one who protects like a shield, the one who cares like a father, the one who shares tea with you and makes you laugh so hard you snort tea out your nose.



He gets jealous just like a best friend and possessive like a boy friend. He teases you, irritates you but loves you the most.

He is the one who can’t see tears in your eyes and fights for you even from family and friends.

“Brother and sister together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends.”

Bond between brother and sister is unbreakable and inseparable. Brother and sister, though separated by distance but are always joined by love.

On festivals like ‘Rakshabandhan’, he promises her sister that whatever it takes he’ll always protect her.

Though it is said “promises are meant to be broken” but the promise a brother makes to his sister is never broken. Love of brother and sister is the purest. It is the most valuable relationship on this universe.

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