The wait for iPhone 7

Here is some good news for Apple lovers. It is expected that the next iPhone, whether or not it will be called iPhone 7, will be out this autumn. And since that is just around the corner, here is all you can look forward to in the new device:

1. Force Touch – This new amazing device will be able to differentiate between a little tap and a long press. So for instance a light tap on an email will open it for reading, while a greater pressure or longer press will open the reply screen.

2. Battery Life – We have always cribbed about Apple’s battery life. Haven’t we? Well, iPhone 7 may just get through our working days at least.


3.iOS 9 – An upgraded software that has already been released for testing, it will bring significant improvements especially to maps, shortcuts and notes.

4. Gesture detector – It observes a patent filed by Apple which “details an iOS home button capable of detecting various gestures along with the force of each touch”.

5. Improved Front Camera – We live in the selfie generation. And Apple is targeting that. Camera resolution is expected to increase from 1280*960 to 1920*1080, according to MacWorld.

Aren’t all these features so cool? Bring it on iPhone 7!

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