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The US vs India memes bring a plethora of jokes, Here is a compilation

Us vs India takes Twitter by storm as people bombard it by hilarious memes


We all have grown up understanding that there is a difference in how we function in India and how things work in the United States. Despite the huge influence of American culture in India, there is a massive difference in our core behaviour because of our upbringing.

There is one personality in us which is consumed by foreign media (movies and serials) which we try to absorb. But there is another part in us which remains downright desi and doesn’t come close to how people of the United States will behave.

Even Indians who have migrated to other countries do not try to be parted with the core culture. The desi community of the country who reside in other countries across the globe hold their culture dear in their hearts and wish to never let go of it.


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What is the trend?

A hashtag named ‘USvsIndia’ has taken Twitter and other social media platforms by storm. Anyone who comes across the hashtag – USvsIndia for the first time, might think that this has political connotations and nothing else. But the reality is a bit different.

The viral trend just compares the scenarios in how Americans and Indians react to the same scenario. While some tweets are hilarious, some are embarrassing and some are even questioning.

The hashtag has gone viral on the lines of how we are different in behaving at certain circumstances. The memes are in a text-tweet format (some in text and image- tweet) which shows the flag of both the countries. However, the twist is that the situations represented by the United States flag is considered normal and ours is exaggerated to bring out the humour.

We have brought you a compilation of some hilarious tweets on USvsINdia trend. Have a look below.


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