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The Unexplored facts about Kamakhya Devi!

Kamakhya temple is one such temple of India about which there are many unheard stories

Today we are going to help you in exploring some unknown facts about the Kamakhya temple.

The Kamakhya temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the mother Goddess Kamakhya ( also known as Bleeding Goddess), which is notably one of the oldest Shakti Peeth. It is located in Assam.

There is no statue or image of Devi in the temple, but in the corner of the cave in the temple there is sculptured image of the vagina of the goddess which is the object of worship.

History behind its origin

The temple of Kamakhya has a very interesting story. It is among one of the 108 Shakti Peeths. The story of the Shakti Peeths goes like this once Sati fought with her husband Lord Shiva to attend her father’s great Yogna.


Despite of Lord Shiva disapproval, Sati went to attend the universal Yogna organized by her father. Shiva was not invited and was also insulted by Daksha (Sati’s father). Unable to bear the insult Sati committed suicide. When Shiva came to know that his beloved wife had committed suicide he went insane with rage. He placed Sati’s dead body on his shoulders and did the ‘Tandav’. To calm him down Lord Vishnu cut the dead body with his chakra. The 108 places where Sati’s body parts fell are called Shakti Peeths. Kamakhya temple is special because Sati’s womb and Vagina fell here.

According to many people temple is a place where Siva and Devi Sati had their romantic encounters. As Sanskrit word for lovemaking is ‘Kama’. Kamakhya devi is famous as bleeding goddess.

The temple was destroyed in 16th century and then was rebuilt in 17th century by the King of Cooch Bihar Nara Naryana.

In the month of June, the goddess bleeds and menstruates and temple remains closed for three days. In ancient times Kamakhya was the place for Tantrikism and black magic cure (still this is followed) . This is the only temple where ten Mahavidyas reside together. The temple also has an annual fertility festival called ‘Ambuwasi Puja’ when Devi goes through her menstrual cycle.

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Have a look on 10 Mahavidyas we are talking about

1. Kali ( she who is black and beyond time)
2. Tara (she who helps one to cross over)
3. Kamakhya(the renowned source of desire)
4. Bhuvaneshwari(beloved goddess whose baby is earth)
5. Bhairavi(the terrible one)
6. Chinnamasta (she who serves her own head)
7. Dhumavati( she who emanates smoke)
8. Bagalamukhi (she whose face is captivating)
9. Matangi( the outcase goddess)
10. Kamala (the lotus)

Kamakhya Temple and Black Magic

Kamakhya temple is famous for black magic. Lord Shiva had created this Tantrik Vidya, this was the way to reach your god but now some greedy people use this magic for their personal satisfaction. Every year thousands of mystics come together at Kamakhya, which is considered as the highest place for Tantra.

The Ambubaski Mela is a meeting ground and an occasion to exhibit their psychic powers from standing on one leh for hours or burry their head in a pit for long and standing upright.

Mystics who gather at the temple claim they can perform wonders like make a childless couple conceive, find a distressed loner a spouse.

According to the reports more than 90% of the people approach to harm their foes. Thr Panchabali a ritual involving the sacrifice 8 or 10 buffaloes, got, sheep and a pigeon and a duck is a common practice in the temple.

Main attraction as beliefs goes; the pond water at the backdrop of Kamakhya temple turns all red at festival. This time of the clothes deepens in the water and is distributed as Prasad.
Here are Puja timings of the temple

5:30 am – Snana of the Pithasthana
6 am – Nitya Puja
8 am – Temple door open for devotees
1 pm – Door closed for cooked offerings to the goddess followed by distribution among devotees
2:30 pm – Gate reopens
5:30 pm – Aarti

Incomplete stairs and Kamakhya Devi

There was one demon called Naraka, who fell in love with Kamakhya and wanted to marry her. So the Goddess asked him to built a staircase from Ninanchal Hill to the temple in one night then only she will marry him.

He was almost able to complete it, then Devi played a trick on him and then he left it on half way, the incomplete staircase is known as ‘Mekhelauja path’.

If you also like to explore beautiful places of India and have keen interest in the history it is one such place, where you should definitely go.

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