The Power of Rejection: Things you learn only after facing rejection in your life!

Rejection and its fruitful lessons

Nobody is perfect in this world. We all face rejections at some point of our life but that should not break your confidence in fact it should boost your confidence. We face rejections at different part of our lives like rejections at job interviews (“You are very intelligent and seem like you would be an asset, but we have decided to hire someone else.”), and even rejections in personal life (“You are a sweet guy, J.S., and I like you a lot, but…”). Rejections for this, that, and the other thing. That’s pretty obvious that rejection leads to Frustration.

The Power of Rejection

Rejection is an unfortunate but necessary part of the human experience. Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their life, whether they realize it or not. But most of us never realize the benefits of rejections. Most of the time rejection can actually be a very positive thing, if you just look at it the right way. Here are 7 benefits of rejection to consider the next time you find yourself in this position.

1. Rejection always motivates us to do better

“The position’s been filled.” “This is not what we are looking for right now.” “You are a sweet guy/girl, but…” Ouch! We all hear this in our daily lives and yes it is frustrating. When confronted with rejection, this can be a sign that you need to be doing something you are not, or stop doing something you are. Figuring out what that is will put you on the path to do better, you will automatically face less rejections.

2. Rejection reminds us we are human beings

Rejection is everyone’s cup of tea. It will always remind us that we all are only human, no matter how extraordinary we like to believe we are.

3. Rejections teaches patience

Most important learning rejection teaches us is patience. Some kinds of rejection can be hurtful, while others can just destroy your confidence. Not landing that job you have spent a month sending resumes, emails, and faxes back and forth about can be one of the worst rejections because the bills and the cupboard do not care about your hurt feelings. However, this is one time when rejection can actually help you by teaching you to be patient and keep moving. Patience is all you need to make your life sorted.

4. Rejection helps us to explore different paths

Sometimes rejection is life’s way of telling us we need to look at a different path to get where we want to be. Maybe the path we are trying to take to get to our goals is all wrong for us, or maybe there is a better way and we just have not realized it yet. Rejection can be a positive experience if you are willing to take another road or try a new way of achieving the same things.

It brings new opportunity
It brings new opportunity

5. Rejection guide us to reevaluate ourselves

Many people deal badly with rejection. This is natural. Rejection is a painful experience. That is too normal. However, when someone hears the same thing enough times, they generally start to listen. “You have great skills with numbers, but you are not too hot at dealing with other people,” is an example of such a rejection. Learning how to remake ourselves to be more goal-oriented, more people-oriented, to get along better with those around us is an important benefit of rejection people tend to overlook.

6. Rejection creates opportunities for change

Think about the last time someone said, “I would never have found this job/met this person/moved to this place if the other place hadn’t refused to hire me/person hadn’t refused to marry me/town had more jobs available.” Rejection can be a powerful force for analyzing why we go for the goals we do and what it is about these goals that drives us on, or away. Rejection really helps one to introspect yourself. It definitely creates lot of opportunities

7. Rejection makes us stronger

There is an old saying: The strongest fish is the one that swims upstream. Rejection can often feel like it brings you to a complete halt, but in reality it gives you something to push against. People do not grow stronger when everything is working in favour for them, but when they are forced to cope with the unexpected or the undesirable. It makes people stronger.

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