The Mysterious Magic of Mantras and Yantras

The Mysterious Magic of Mantras and Yantras

Power holding Mantras and Yantras

The Mysterious Magic of Mantras and Yantras:- Mantra refers to the Mind Power and Yantra refers to Will Power (Ego power). The mantras and yantras are the methods of worshipping Hinduism. They can be used to achieve peace, prosperity, and liberation, thedestructive end towards chaos, evil spells, and sufferings from pain.

The Mysterious Magic of Mantras and Yantras
Chant OM for inner peace


The word ‘Mantra’ is derived from Sanskrit and it means sacred syllables or sacred words. Whole of the literature, mantras are described as the vibrational formulas that carry reciting silently within, spoken, or sung outwardly.

The word OM is a mantra itself and apparently is well known widely.


The word Yantra is taken from Sanskrit meaning, “instrument, contrivance, apparatus” from the root yam “to sustain, support” and the -tra suffix expressing instruments. A Yantra is a form of simple or complexpowers towards attaining a certain purpose. In Yantras the geometry or visual pattern that of triangle, square, circle, vertical line, point and so forth are the energies and expressing instruments.

Yantras in nature are to energise.

The Mysterious Magic of Mantras and Yantras
sacred spirits


When a mantra is rightly uttered with intense devotion and correct intention, it is believed that it will awaken the power or mantra, which carries the prayer to the intended deity making it heard.

It is also believed that the efficacy of the mantra chanted depends on the place and method of worship. Therefore, the person and the pronunciation of the mantra have to be correct in order to please the deity and make his or her prayer answered. Misleading pronunciation or method can invoke the wrath of the gods.


The process involves rituals that are performed only by a religious person. Who iswell versed in the tenets of Hinduism and Yantras. Without the injection of positive energies through proper rituals and worship, Yantras are not active.

Each pattern or symbol of yantras holds unique powers within. One just cannot draw any pattern and claim that it is an energising Yantra. Yantras establish a chord with the universal energy. Therefore, it takes you on the path of spiritualism.

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