The Married Woman Review:  We binge-watched the series, here is an honest reaction!

The Married Woman Review:  We need more such unconventional and refreshing content

Ratings: 3.5 Stars 

Here we bring to you The Married Woman Review. Read the entire article to know should you invest your 11 hours or not? Do you remember when Same-Sex marriages were called not a part of our culture by a top government lawyer during a hearing of a case?  On 6th September 2018 in a historic decision section, 377 was decriminalized. But our society still has a long way to go.  A lot of shame is attached when it comes to talking openly about one’s sexuality. In that case, artists all across the country are trying to normalize the concept of love beyond genders. Recently, a new series called The Married Woman is streaming on Alt Balaji App. It was launched on the occasion of Women’s Day starring Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in pivotal roles.  The web series is based on Manju Kapoor’s novel by the same name.

Set in the 90s when India was going through the turmoil of Babri Masjid and homosexuality was a crime in the eyes of law, the show explores the life of a middle-class woman who is living a perfect life.  Astha, who is a college professor lives in Delhi with her well-settled husband,  two loving kids and caring in-laws discover her sexuality after 11 years of her marriage. Her perfect life loses its appeal when she meets a young man, Aijaaz, who advocates freedom of choice and he preaches at blurring all lines of religion, gender and caste. She instantly falls for him, meets his wife Peeplika ( Monica ) and discovers her sexuality.  Astha and Peeplilka fall in love. But her self –discovery will come at a cost of her relationships. The series is spread into 11 episodes that will take you on a journey of how the lives of two entirely different women will intertwine. How will they find solace in each other?


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Here a few reasons why we strongly recommend you to watch this series:

  1. It is not your regular love story. The plot of the story is unconventional and quite refreshing.  This makes the series a must-watch. Kudos to Ekta Kapoor for bringing such stories into the mainstream, especially for the Indian audience. Over the years, progressive content has proved that the Indian audience is now more accepting when it comes to unconventional stories.
  1. Normalizing the conversation about love beyond genders is the need of the hour. We need more and more content like this so that people can discover and talk about their sexuality without any shame. It explores the lives of a middle-class woman who seems to be perfect from the outside, but it is not all that she wants from life. It resonates well with Indian women.

  1. Towards the end of the series, the whirlwind of emotions that Astha may be going through while trying to choose between her happiness and responsibilities comes out well. Manju Kapoor’s book explores the emotional turmoils of a middle woman stuck in a patriarchal society, and the show’s sole achievement lies in portraying some of them to the point. Well, we have to admit the show has done justice to it.  The strong performances of Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra have made the series impactful.
  2. Ayesha Raza deserves a special mention, who plays Astha’s sister – in –law. Her screen time and dialogues are limited but she managed to leave an impact through her powerful dialogues.

5. What we didn’t like was – Unwanted monologues and overstretched episodes. Things could be kept short and simple instead of stretching them.  If you plan to watch the series, then you should definitely watch it because Monica and Ridhi try their best to live the characters fully, despite the limitations of the script.

The series is exclusively available on Alt Balaji App. Notably, many more series on the app are awaited. Be it Broken But Beautiful Season 3, Code M season 2 or the second season of Bebakee, we are excited AF!

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