The Lion King review: Aryan Khan shines as Simba

The Lion King review
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The Lion King review:  The Live actions and CGI animation is difficult to differentiate


The biggest drawback of making a remake of classic movie is that the new one will be compared to the classic one. Jon Favreau’s ‘The Lion King’ is re-telling the same story of 1994 classic with the same name with amazing visual experience but fails miserably to build emotions for its character. It is aggressively mediocre in every department except the visuals. It will blow your mind as you won’t be able to tell when the “live action” ends and CGI animation takes over.

The characters of the film fail to build emotional core and leave it a drab looking film

Everything in the film is photo realistic, from grass to Simba’s hairs. The director has used the same hyper realism technique he used in “The Jungle Book” but makes less impact this time. Animals in the film fail to build emotional core and leaves the film a drab looking film.

The story is similar to the 1994 classic. Mufasa is greeted by a son who is to take over as the ruler of the Jungle. Mufasa is killed by Scar and he also tries to kill Simba when he is young. Simba somehow escapes the place and comes back to take revenge when he becomes an adult.

James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar and Donald Glover as Simba looked decent. None of these actors were able to build the emotion with their charcter. Seth Rogen is however hilarious as Pumba in the English version of film.

Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan as Simba

The Lion King review for Hindi version

Shah Rukh Khan and Son Aryan have played the father son duo of Mufasa and Simba repectively. They deliver a pack when they are together but the King of Bollywood fails to move you at all as Mufasa when he is not with his son. Command of King is missing from Shah Rukh Khan’s voice and his laughter also doesn’t feel authentic. On the other hand Aryan Khan is endearing throughout the movie. He actually sounds like his father most of the time. Shreyas Talpade and Sanjay Mishra as Timon and Pumba is hilarious and saves the grace of the big name of the franchise.

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