The Failed Love Saga of Lord Ganesha and Tulsi

Parul Srivastava

Our Indian mythology is full of love sagas, from Shiva- Parvati, Vishnu – Laxmi to Radha- Krishna.

But there is one story,which could never see to its fate come to a fruitful end , rather it led to a disastrous chain of events.

Daughter of Dharmaraja, Tulsi at her young age was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. she would walk up to the banks of Ganga to offer her prayer to him in the nearby temple.

So one day she walked up to the river bank, she saw a handsome youth meditating there ; he was Lord Ganesha. His aura had some charm. Tulsi instantly approached him to express her love and asked him to marry her.


Representational image

He politely refused the proposal and said he could only marry a match like his mother Parvati to his father Lord Shiva. This left Tulsi fuming and cursing, as she took this incident as an insult.

She cursed Ganesha that one day he will have to get married against his wishes and seeing her hatred, Ganesha also cursed her by saying that she will get married to an asura.

Tulsi immediately realized her mistake and asked for forgiveness. On this Ganesha twisted his curse, and said she will be reprieved of the the curse by Lord Vishnu ‘s blessings but she will remain unacceptable to be used in worship and shall remain distant from him forever.

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