The Day after the ‘Birthday’

Birthdays are much awaited for most girls my age. They are looked forward to, eagerly anticipated. For one day of the year, you are made to feel special. For one day of the year, everyone is at their best behaviour with you. You are pampered with gifts, flowers and can gorge on a whole lot of cake. That one day is almost a dream day where everything is perfect.


This is not to say that birthdays aren’t stressful. Especially, if you are the kind who doesn’t like attention and would rather go unnoticed. And planning a party and whom to call without it hurting people on social media is another dilemma altogether.

And then as the birthday comes to an end and the clock strikes twelve and another day begins, the bubble bursts down. You drop down to reality with a thud. You are no longer special. You are no longer important. You are no longer pampered. You are ordinary and this is an ordinary day. There would be million others with their birthday today but you aren’t one of them. Your birthday is gone and the next time you would feel this special is an year later.

Looking at it this way, the concept of birthdays is flawed. I am not special only one day of the year. I am special every day. And it is always upto me to make myself feel like the ‘birthday girl’.

So the day after the birthday shouldn’t dampen your spirits. Go out, do a little something for yourself today. Because, really, we are born every day.

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