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The captivating era of ‘Smart Devices’ flourishing 

Smartphones changing the way consumers make buying decisions

We all are now intensely soaked in the new normal that has invaded our lives amid this ongoing pandemic with we evolving as an amateur version of artificial intelligence. When was the last time you bought your favourite sports shoes or your expansive make-up kit or maybe a beautifully embroidered saree for your mother online? Maybe, just a month ago or might be just last night! Oh gosh, we all are so technology-driven creatures. Our minds have become tech machines with constant use of new apps and tools, creating buzz into our lives.

Over the years, there has been significant growth in the usage of ‘Smart devices’ among the population, especially millennials. The advancement of digital apparatus has paved the way for the development of cognitive skills in humans. The high-tech devices are gathering momentum at a pace never seen before. They succeed in capturing human minds astutely by influencing their opinions.


The rise of smart devices has made a paradigm shift in consumers purchasing habits and behaviour to an extent, which is here to stay. From conventional shopping from markets to online buying from the comforts of home is the new trend. In recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the popularity of digital tools consumption that has impacted consumers buying decisions extensively.


With the constant growth in the E-commerce business, smart devices have succeeded in shaping and defining consumers buying decisions to a large extent. Consumers have started showing trust and reliability for purchasing products or services through smartphones because these new-age advanced tools and apps cater to everyone’s tastes and demands and are economically affordable due to the myriad of seasonal and festive discount offers online.


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The present era is undoubted- ‘the era of Smart devices’ that will boom further in days to come. The endless consumption of smartphones has embedded the majority of consumer’s subconscious minds. It has become an intrinsic and critical part of everyone’s lives, without which users feel incomplete and lost if apps are not within their reach. The engagement of peers and community also affects people’s purchasing decisions.


Amidst the pandemic, the world witnessed one of the most stringent lockdowns that pushed back everyone’s life gear in an anxious way never seen before. People seem to adapt and get attuned to smart device usage that has seen an upward trajectory in consumer’s purchasing habits. Consumers are now relying on mobile phones for their shopping needs, from counselling services to grocery to medicines and other essential items.


Buying decisions of consumers are not only restricted to tangible products or services. But intangible products as well, such as seeking an insurance plan or an investment scheme, etc. Even the global trends have stated that a significant chunk of the population uses smart devices for online purchases and is comfortable and acquainted with using such digital tools. The robust safety protocols and end-to-end encryption benefit also aids in customer’s buying decisions. Thus, safeguards consumer’s interests in a smooth transaction process.


Reasonable data packs are also one of the factors in the increase in online purchasing power of consumers. One of the personal anecdotes illustrates an appropriate example of how smart devices have, created a vast impact on consumer’s purchase decisions.


My uncle and aunt, 25th wedding anniversary was around the corner the previous month, and amid this topsy-turvy circumstance of partial lockdowns with almost every market shut. The event seemed to dampen the spirit of the couple. They were puzzled about how to make this special occasion a memorable one for their loved ones. With these smart devices, the world is now just a click away for all your needs and everything available at your doorstep. Finally, they decided to order everything online, from cake to decorative items to gifts to food for the small in-house party. The small party was no less than a grand celebration with every element of fanfare.

So, in this way mobile phones have impacted our purchasing decisions in our lives, that it has superseded all the consumer’s expectations. Buyers are more aware of the pros and cons of online purchasing. Therefore, they have a better understanding of their required products and their need. The seamless and transparent online process has made buying convenient and at ease for consumers, and this trend is prospering further. The ‘Digital future’ is the way forward and making a remarkable footprint in all spheres of life.


By- Asmita Maurya

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