The Brainchild behind “Apki Baar Modi Sarkar” is all set to take over NDTV

Mr. Ajay Singh – Spice Jet Chairman and MD

Spice Jet’s Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Ajay Singh will soon take control of 40% stakes of NDTV: Reports

A major blow to the secular forces of the country, reports suggest that Mr. Ajay Singh of “Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar” fame is going to pick up majority holding in the channel since its founders Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy are facing a CBI probe for allegedly concealing a share transaction.

Mr. Ajay Singh – Spice Jet Chairman and MD

Though the sources have confirmed about the change in shareholding, but there has been no confirmation from NDTV office regarding the same and a Spice Jet official brushed it aside as “absolutely fake and baseless”.

CBI had conducted raids on NDTV’s founders which were termed “a blatant attack on the freedom of the press.”

According to the data available on the NDTV website, the promoter holding of NTDV stood at 61.45 & whereas Public Holding stood at 38.55 %. The sources close to Ajay Singh have also claimed that he will pick up NDTV’s debt of over Rs.400 crore and the total deal is sealed at Rs.600 Crore. A part of the cash ( up to Rs.100 crore) will also go to the Founders.

A joint statement was released by NDTV in the wake of CBI raids conducted in the month of June based on what was seen as a private complaint by a “disgruntled former consultant an NDTV called Sanjay Dutt” who has been accused of making false allegations against NDTV by the owners.

A sneak peek into the history of MR. Ajay Singh tells us that he has been an avid participant in the 2014 BJP Campaign and is also believed to have turned the fate of Spice Jet ever since its takeover by him in 2015. The takeover is being seen as a part of a bigger conspiracy to curb “free speech and dissent” only time will unveil the truth behind the curtains.

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