World Kindness Day: Learning ‘The Art of Sharing’

The Art of Sharing

Sharing: The Act Of Making Someone Smile And The World A Better Place 

When was the last time you shared the last slice of your favorite pizza with someone? Or your favorite ice-cream or chocolate? Or your ATM pin (aahh just kidding, somethings are not meant to be shared). Here is why we all should be more compassionate towards other beings

Many of us find it hard to share things with people, even with our siblings or loved ones. But why is it so? Why do we find sharing hard? Well, the answer might be our attachment to the things or it could be our attitude, but there is one thing for sure about sharing and that is its reward, we all find happiness when we get a genuine ‘ThankYou’  from someone.

They say ‘ You get what you give ‘ when we give a little hand to help, or when we serve for a cause, we find it really rewarding and true happiness within. Sharing is not only about sharing your food, your secrets or gifts, but rather sharing happiness.

And Sharing happiness is nothing but an art, an art of making the world a better place, building a noble society and keeping humanity alive. By simply doing some small efforts we can make big differences in this world and in our own lives too.

Just by simply doing a random act of kindness can bring a great difference, providing a seat in public transport to a needy or just giving way to pedestrians can make someone’s day. Giving a genuine compliment to someone can turn their bad mood to optimistic and a delightful ‘thank you‘ in return can uplift your mood too.

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Nothing can be more rewarding than volunteering at your local NGO. Whether you choose old age homes, animal shelters or join a group of environmentalists to work with, you’ll get its reward, nothing is more satisfying than helping someone.

Always open your heart to welcome people’s opinions, start accepting them as they are, listen to them, and give them a warm gesture of gratitude.

There are liveliness and spirituality in sharing. Passing a smiling to someone, waving your hand to runners and cyclists, giving compliments to someone or a seat in the metro can bring a lot of difference to this world.

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