Before You Get into Action, How about Learning the act of Foreplay?

Here are some kinky ideas for foreplay and how you can enhance your lovemaking experience.


  • Combining Food with sex during Foreplay
  • Role Playing
  • BDSM
  • Teasing/ Momentary Abstinence
  • Watching porn while foreplaying

They say that brilliant sexual experiences start with intense foreplays. If you have that sexual tension brewing between you and your partner where you just can’t wait any longer for “The Act,” it is when things get really spicy.

So get ready for some kinky ideas for foreplays which are bound to tickle your carnal senses:

Combining Food with love-making during Foreplay:

It is a combination of indulging in two basic instincts: Food and making out. It is a fetish that comes naturally to us, as it is animalistic. We do not realize it, but the mouth is one of our first sexual organs. During sex, too, we love to bite, kiss, and nibble our partners. But we obviously would not want to hurt our partners unless we discussed BDSM. So we take out the urge to splurge on the food instead.

It is highly erotic and satisfying at the same time.

You can use various foods for foreplay, such as Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruits, such as mangoes, strawberries, GRAPES, raspberries, Almonds, peanut butter, coffee cuts (Waxy coffee candies available in a round or square shape), peaches, Lime, Dried currants, Watermelon (Which works brilliantly), cherries and olives.

Playing with ice cubes comes out of the page of the classics. Apart from the tingling sensation, it also makes your genitals erect, ready, and, of course, lubricated.


Role-playing sure makes things more exciting. Apart from the classic role-plays or cop and doctor, you can also make up new scenarios where things go a bit kinky, like the “hot next-door neighbour, who has just shifted” or your sister’s best friend, etc. The thrill of role-playing makes the whole thing too exciting and saucy!


BDSM requires a lot of patience and discipline. You need to know what exactly you are looking for, and it has to be controlled. Consent from both parties is absolutely essential, and there needs to be a safe word which means now is the time to stop, no matter how aroused you are. It can take you to the highest point of ecstasy but needs a lot of rules, discipline, and guidance. It is better to consult a BDSM specialist before starting this.

Teasing/ Momentary Abstinence:

Teasing is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of foreplay. You must bring things close, arouse to the optimum scale, and then withdraw. This will make things sexually frustrating to both you and your partner. This is called momentary abstinence.

Caution: This should only be used during foreplay and not during the main act as it may leave the guy with blue- balls, which is quite painful and might result in an unsatisfied ejaculation which will ruin the whole thing, including the mood.

Watching erotic movies while foreplaying:

A great way to kindle that sexual fire between you is to watch erotic movies together while touching each other. This stimulates the body and gets both of you in the mood and ready.

You will know when to stop the foreplay most of the time, but you also need to ask your partner. Once you head to the peak, you will be charged up for a hot and steamy session of LOVE!

Take the plunge, shall we?

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