The Act of Forgiveness

The Act of Forgiveness

As humans we are credited to making mistakes. Very often, our mistakes are at the cost of the one’s we like and we end up hurting them. Yes, we make mistakes but we must also learn to ask for forgiveness. Just saying a simple sorry does not, in any way, change what the other person has suffered, yet, it is a step forward.


To let go of things and move forward by actually forgiving another person is the truest form of bravery and maturity. We, humans, can hold grudges for long that is one of our specialities. However, this speciality comes at a great cost. One not only lives with the burden of hatred, they also carry the pain of being hurt. To forgive someone is to become more mature. It is to evolve from the small fickle minded person to a person who is a lot more stable and has better understanding of the world.

Someone had rightly said that “Forgiveness is a skill.” More than an act, it is an art. Not all can gather up the courage to leave behind the part of them that was hurt. For many, forgiveness is probably the hardest thing ever. But, even God forgave David*. So, who are we to deny someone the pleasure of being free from burden?


“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” This line has been repeated a thousand times in the church. Why? Because, no matter what, there is always time to mend your broken ways. The quickest way to heal a wound is to forget about it and let it go. The tighter we hold, the more it bleeds. In the same way, the more we let our pain affect us, the more it will hurt.

Maslow said that the highest need of a human is the self-actualization need. To self actualize, one has to grow beyond these little issues and work towards achieving supreme goals. We look for peace in the life we live, the nature we see, the talks we have, but, what we seek, lies within us. To achieve this inner peace, we should forgive and move on. The feeling this act gives you is an indescribable feeling that words cannot express.

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