The 5 Most Awkward pregnancy Problems

Here are the 5 most awkward pregnancy problems. Here is how to get rid of them?

  1. Excess gas
  2. Facial hair
  3. Acne
  4. Intimacy issue
  5. Incontinence

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman’s life. Pregnancy not only brings physical changes in a woman’s body, but it also brings some emotional changes. You might be expecting glowing skin and gorgeous bump but you might have to suffer from extra gas. Here, we have got lowdown on everything you have been dying to ask about your pregnancy problems.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Here are some embarrassing pregnancy symptoms:

Excess gas: Virtually every pregnant woman suufer more gas problem. That’s because pregnancy bring a hormonal surge that can slow down your gastrointestinal tract. You might not able to keep it to yourself because you dint have to the same control over your muscles during pregnancy.

Facial hair:

During pregnancy, hormones are responsible for hair growing in unwanted place. Most pregnant women are ecstatic to learn that they will soon be spotting a beautiful mane of hair
Waxing and tweezing is the safest method for hair removal during pregnancy.
During pregnancy laser treatment on the face can affect skin pigment. And it may cause scarring.

Acne: Pimple and unsightly outbreaks are common during the first trimester. Because of the additional hormones coursing through your system. Most acne washes are safe since the product does not sit on your skin for long period of time. Use topical acne medication sparingly, only on effected area.

Acne pimple
Acne pimple

Intimacy Issue:

Weight gain and other physical changes can make you feel unattractive around your partner. Don’t let that lead to communication and intimacy problem.
Some people are embarrassed about being physically intimate. There is potential for vulvar swelling.


You may have heard stories about pregnant woman sneezing and accidentally emptying their bladders while standing among friends or coworkers. Most pregnant women whose stress incontinence involuntarily leaking urine because of a jarring cough, sneeze, or laugh only lose a few drop.

Many doctor recommends that women should wear panty liners to catch leaks during the last of few months of pregnancy.

As the baby grows and the uterus enlarges, the baby ends up sitting right on the top of the bladders.

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