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Thanksgiving 2021, Why It Is Important To Be Grateful In Life?

Thanksgiving 2021, the significance & the story behind the day

Thanksgiving 2021 celebrations will be accomplished this year on November 25. This festival was majorly restricted to western countries. But slowly, its branching roots to several other parts of the globe too. Filled with pomp and ceremony, the fun-filled day is equal to even greater than Christmas or Halloween in the hearts of Americans. As they come all our display their culinary skills using traditional turkey, vegetable stuffing, and other treats.

With this, it is also important to know why this day is celebrated? What is the take behind thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving 2021

Story behind thanksgiving

Every year, on the 4th Thursday of November, the whole United States celebrates thanksgiving. The national holiday honours the pilgrims that had arrived on the mayflower. And their 1621 harvest feast was known as the first thanksgiving.

The Plymouth colony was a group of English Puritans. They aimed to escape from the church of England. However, long ago Europeans arrived, the area was inhabited by several Native Americans. The Wampanoag people had aged in the area for centuries. However, a few years back, the mayflower landed in New England. It was an epidemic of disease that had wiped out much of the native population.

Thanksgiving 2021

When the pilgrims reached cape cod, they were incredibly unprepared for the winter. In a state of desperation, the pilgrims robbed corn from native Americans’ storehouses and graves. However, even then, half of the colony died within their first year. Therefore, in the month of March of 1621, a formal agreement was drafted between the native people and the settlers to protect each other from other tribes.

When the pilgrims and the Wampanoag sat down for the first thanksgiving that year. It was more just a routine English harvest celebration. Nearly 250 years later, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, to give thanks and to try to heal the wounds of the civil war.

Why is gratitude important in life?

Research shows that adopting an attitude of gratitude, simply expressing appreciation, and being more thankful can improve our overall well being.

Improve your psychological health

Studies proved that gratitude can increase happiness, reduce depression and strengthen resiliency.

Improve your physical health

Grateful people often experience reduced blood pressure, less chronic pain, increased energy, and even longer lives.

Boost self-esteem

People who purposefully express more gratitude report high self-esteem than those who do not.

Increase empathy

They are more likely to help others- pro-social behaviour is also linked to greater happiness.

Enhance your sleep

People who capture grateful thoughts before bed, sleep better than those who do not.

Why so many positive changes?

Because gratitude kick-starts the production of dopamine and serotonin-like antidepressants and rewires our brains. These feel-good neurotransmitters activate the bliss centre of the brain creating feelings of contentment and happiness. This appears to be self-perpetuating.  Research suggests that with regular practice you will train your prefrontal cortex to better appreciate and retain positive experiences and thoughts.

That Attitude of Gratitude

Here are simple ways to cultivate the attitude of gratitude

Celebrate minor accomplishment

Think about what you have rather than dwelling on what you do not have.

THANKSGIVING: What Are You Thankful For?

Share love

Tell the people in your life something you appreciate about them and tell this to yourself too.

Be more kind

Volunteer to hold a door for a stranger or simply smile more. And you will probably feel better, as kindness and giving are connected to gratitude.

Try meditation

Positive brain changes can occur from mindfulness and regular meditation.

Capture your gratitude

 thanksgiving, Thanksgiving 2021

Keep a daily gratitude journal using a hi-tech app or an old-fashioned notebook.

 The science is clear about its attitude of gratitude and so as thanksgiving. How are you celebrating your  Thanksgiving 2021?

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