‘Texting rules’ that every girl need to break now!

Rules are meant to be broken: Few texting rules that every girl need to break

Yes, we are still living in a stereotypical world where we expect boys to start a conversation with a girl everytime. Very few girls come up with their strong character and initiate the conversation. When you start texting that someone special(boyfriend or crush) there is obviously an expectation of him replying without keeping you waiting for too long. Yes, there are some unsaid texting rules that we have made. These texting rules encompasses the time period or initiating a conversation. So, girls here are some texting rules that you need to break right now.

Texting Rules
Texting Rules

1. Never text first

Yes, this is one of the useless texting rules that you have to break. It’s completely fine to start a conversation with a guy you find hot and dashing. If you like him – there is nothing wrong in expressing that. In fact, if there is an attraction that makes you want to take the next step… you should send hi.

2. Avoid replying immediately

Girls avoid showing attitude if you are feel for him. If you are online and you see he is texted you back (even though he took his own sweet time to reply), there is not any reason why you should not reply, if you can! If you are pretty sure he is serious for you just reply.

3. Double texting is not cool

You can text about how you are craving pizza and what happened in college – one after the other, without waiting for a reply. It’s absolutely fine to share your multiple thoughts with the guy.

4. Don’t be sarcastic

Why not? Its cool to be sarcastic.You can totally pull his leg and tease him through texts! If you have a funny bone, go ahead and use it like you would on any of your other friends. All you need to do is, use the right punctuations and emoticons so that he understands your tone. Keep a conversation light and happy.

5. Avoid replying from emojis

You can definitely reply from emojis. Sometimes emojis convey the messages and words fail to do so.

6. You should be a grammar nazi

Don’t embarrass someone while correcting their grammar. Sometimes, if he do so just let it go! Especially, with the autocorrect mishaps. If you are getting to know a person you should not judge them immediately!

7. You can’t initiate sexting

It’s absolutely fine to initiate sexting.Sexting is a personal choice. Taking a while to analyze the situation might be fine, but if you are sure of what you are into, go ahead!

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