Test Your Knowledge Before Applying for a Scholarship exam?

4 easy ways to test your knowledge before applying for a scholarship exams

Scholarship exam is nothing less than a ladder to success. It enables a student to study without any worries and boosts their self-confidence like nothing. Believe it or not, scholarships are a gateway to a bright future for all medical and engineering aspirants. Not only does a scholarship provide the much-needed financial support but also inculcates self-confidence. Having said that, a scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and if you are aiming to ace a talent hunt exam, you must be prepared to the core.

scholarship exam

The preparation should be such that you score the best and bag the highest percentage of the scholarship offered. Many coaching institutes like Aakash conduct annual scholarship exams for both NEET and JEE aspirants where the students can bag up to 100% scholarship.

So, if you don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, be sure of preparing hard and testing your knowledge before you apply for a talent hunt exam. Here are a few tips to test your knowledge. Take a look!

1.Solve Previous Year Papers

The best way to test whether you are prepared to appear for the scholarship exam or not is by solving previous year papers. The scholarship exam for medical and engineering is mostly based on the same pattern as that of NEET and JEE; thus, solving previous year papers seems helpful. Not only this, but you will also get an idea about how to manage your time and attempt all the questions asked in the scholarship exam. Scholarship exams like Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) are held each year, and the catch is that the question paper pattern remains more or less the same each year. So, be sure of accumulating all the previous years’ papers and solving all of them.

2. Take Up Practice Tests

Yet another great way to test how well prepared you are is by taking up practice tests and solving as many as you can. Set the time limit as that of the scholarship exam and aim to address as many questions as you can. This approach will give you a thorough idea of how well prepared you are to apply for a scholarship. Remember, to ace any talent hunt exam you need to be thoroughly prepared; else you will lose the opportunity that can back your dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor.

3. Take Help from Others

If you are aiming to ace a scholarship exam, the people around can be of great help. For example, you can ask your parents to prepare a question paper that includes the same number of questions as there will in the scholarship exam. Solve these questions and let them asses it for you. Doing this, you will break the routine of solving previous year papers and test series and aim for a different set of questions. Trust us; this works well when you intend to crack any exam.


A scholarship exam has all sorts of questions to test a student’s capability. Some are direct questions and some indirect. So, be sure of testing your knowledge from all ends and see if you are prepared well. To sum up, the difference between the aspirants who ace the scholarship exam and those who do not is that the former focuses well on all aspects and the latter misses. Adequate preparation, a robust strategy, and presence of mind can help you succeed in any scholarship exam. All you need to do is to be thoroughly prepared. Also, be confident, not overconfident, as it may backfire. Do your best, and you will surely ace that scholarship exam.

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