3 Ways to Stay on Top of Tennis Using the Right Apps

A list of 9 Tennis apps which will keep you updated about the sport

Tennis can be very entertaining to watch, which is one of the reasons, it is such a popular game worldwide. But that means that the matches are often in different time zones or on television channels that are hard to find.

As a tennis fan, I’ve been searching for the best ways to keep up with this entertaining sport without wasting my time searching and ending up with a lack of coverage and information. The other day, though, I found this very helpful website that provides information on how to keep up with all things tennis!

Best 9 Tennis News Apps

  1. Tennis 24 – tennis live scores
  2. Tennis Temple – Live Scores
  3. Tennis Score Keeper
  4. Score Analyzer for Tennis
  5. Tennis Math
  6. Sofascrore- Live Scores, Fixtures & Standings
  7. Tennis News and Scores
  8. Tennis Live Score
  9. Live Tennis Rankings/LTR

This resource helped me find all the info I was looking for and more, so I wanted to share its benefits with you.

Stay up to date on live tennis scores every day

If you’re looking to keep up with tennis scores from around the world, you can do so anytime, anywhere, with mobile tennis apps. These apps include score information and breaking news that every tennis fan will want to know about, along with the option to get notifications of score updates from any tennis event going on.

Many of these apps even have a live stream feature so that you can avoid having to search through TV schedules for your favorite events like the US Open Tennis tournament or any ATP Tennis events. Wherever your interests lie, you can find a tennis app that gives you all the information and live streaming you want.

From simple match summaries to highlights to live streaming, mobile tennis apps showcase the sport in the most complete way and allow you to keep up with any match even if you’re on the go. If an event is in another time zone and occurs while you’re asleep, you can find the full video recorded on many of these helpful apps.

Receive notifications on breaking tennis news

If you’re interested in being the first to know about all of the latest tennis news regarding ATP tennis, the US Open tennis tournament, or any other event, you can receive notifications for all the breaking tennis news there is. From match updates, upset alerts, or news about upcoming events, these apps have you covered.

You can even hear the latest news on all of your favorite players. Customize your apps to update you on Nadal, Djokovic, Serena, or Federer whenever they have a match going on or a news story breaks concerning that player. Tennis apps also allow for notifications from different tennis networks and sources like the BBC and Eurosport.

Highlights and headlines are also available with notifications that alert you to amazing plays, match-winning performances, and the latest stories from ongoing tournaments. If you’re like most tennis fans, you may not have enough time to sit down and watch a full match whenever they are happening, so these apps can be a great help to make sure you don’t miss a serve!

Review your favorite players’ highlights to improve your game

One of the absolute best ways to learn tips and tricks from your favorite tennis pros is to check out their highlight packages from the latest matches. The more you watch how they react to different shots in actual gameplay, the more your body will naturally react properly to different shots in your own matches.

If you’re a big tennis fan, you don’t want to miss the most spectacular plays. And if watching these highlights can improve your own skills, then that will only make your love for the game grow. These apps include the best highlight updates and archives so that you can watch some of the best shots of all time over and over again.

Mobile tennis apps also provide videos of tutorials from all of your favorite pros that may talk about technique, mindset, or training! If there’s a video out there from one of your favorite players on the US Open tennis tour or ATP Tennis, then these apps should have it archived so that you can enjoy getting to know them and improving your game.


If you want to learn more about tennis or stay updated on news, matches, and players, then you’ll want to download some of these informative Tennis apps to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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