Ten Tips Everyone Should Keep In Their Mind Before Stepping Out in Monsoon Season

Monsoon Do’s and Don’ts

Monsoon is an amazing season, especially for the people who love rain. The season brings happiness along with it. In fact, it blooms our creative side too. The tea and Pakoda parties during monsoon are just mind blowing. But monsoon also brings a lot of diseases along with it. Monsoon days are usually tiring and messy.

Well, most of us love to enjoy rain, but there few things that you should always keep in your mind before stepping out in monsoon. Here are few things that you should follow to keep infections at bay.

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1.Umbrella- Without Umbrella leaving your house in Monsoon is a big No. Even if there are no signs of rain, you must keep it with you because maybe clouds are planning to surprise you.

2.Sunscreen- Sunscreen is a very important essential to be included in daily skincare routine. Sunscreen protects us from harmful rays and as well as from the bacteria and pollution around us. So next time whenever you are heading out from home, do not forget to apply sunscreen.

3.Rubber footwear- Rubber footwear is the best option to wear in monsoon season because they easily get dry. Avoid wearing leather shoes, sneakers, strap sandals.

4.Full body clothes- It is important to cover yourself in monsoon season because many harmful bacteria and diseases can attack your skin easily if comes in direct contact.

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5. Hair- If you have long hair, keep them tied. We all face damage hair and hairfall is common in this season. The very first step to prevent your hair in monsoon is to keep them tied.

6. Raincoat- If you are a college going or office going person so keep a Raincoat in your bag, if possible.

7. Polybag- Keep a polybag with you in monsoon season to prevent your electronics.

8. Waterproof makeup- We all know that it is quiet difficult in monsoon, for girls who do makeup because it smears easily with water, so waterproof makeup is a big yes in this monsoon season.

9. Sanitizer – Always carry it with you so that you can clean your hands whenever you need it.

10 . Caps and scarfs- Keep rubber caps or scarfs with you because to prevent your head from rain. They might not protect you from getting wet but they will help you for some instance.

Have a happy and sage monsoon!!

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