10 Tea startups in India – International Tea day

Celebrate the tea startups in India on International Tea day

Tea enthusiasts always like to drink tea but in winter, tea is not less than any nectar. Today is the celebration of tea i.e. International Tea Day. India can get the title of a tea-drinking country. Tea has become so ingrained in our routine that you find an opportunity to drink tea from morning tea to fight friends and chat during discussions on teamwork. Even if it is winter or summer, without tea, the rainy season is not good. But a person living in India made a small-looking tea brand. You must have heard about the discussion on tea.

Often the most serious issues of the country are debated over tea. But it is also true that through tea people have achieved great milestones. It may have been discovered in China centuries ago, but Indians give the Chinese tough competition when it comes to drinking – and loving – their daily chai. Tea has started gaining a luxurious patina, unlike coffee, which was considered a stylish drink from the very beginning. We have listed ten Indian tea startups that every tea lover must keep an eye on.

  1. Chai Thela: It is the story of 2 partners who did not give up even after the closure of their old startup and decided to start the tea business. Today, by starting a tea jam startup, making a modest-looking tea brand, it has achieved a high status today. Chai Thela was founded by two persons named Pankaj and Nitin but the main team of Chai Thela has 10 members with total revenue of $ 10 million. These Tea Startups have also started from NCR-based i.e. Noida. It has been started by these two entrepreneurs to give people the experience of tea carts available on the side of the road.
  2. Teabox: The brand named Teabox was founded in 2012 by a person named Kaushal Dugar residing in Siliguri. In general, TeaBox provides people with the facility to buy tea and tea-related products online.
  3. Chaayos: This tea startup named Chaayos is Delhi / NCR based, meaning that the brand was founded in 2012 by two IITians, Nitin Saluja and Raghav Varma, who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology based in Delhi. In 2019, Around 16 tea outlets were being run by Chaayos in Delhi and Mumbai.
  4. Chai Point: The Chai Point brand was founded by Amulik Singh Bijral in 2010 in Bangalore. This Tea startup is funded by Eight Road Venture, DSG Investors, and Saama Capital. Apart from Bangalore, Chai Point has also expanded its business to Delhi and Pune.
  5. Chaisa: Rahul Mundra is the founder of Chaisa, a chai startup that is making the best Chai/ Tea of Jaipur. Chaisa is among India’s top 10 Chai startups. Rahul belongs to Beawar, a small district in Rajasthan. It was founded in the pink city of India, Jaipur

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6. Tea Trails: Tea Trails was founded in 2012 by Kavita Mathur and Uday Mathur. These two founders of Tea Trails are very fond of drinking tea. The first outlet of Tea Trails was started in Mumbai in November 2013 after two years of research and development.

7. Chai Garam: This tea company named Chai Garam is one of the oldest tea companies, it was founded by Meghna Narasana. Chai Garam is a chain of tea cafes targeting the working people. They make and sell their tea in small outlets.

8. Chhotu Chaiwala: Chhotu Chaiwala is a tea brand started in Maharashtra, Chhotu Chai Wala has five outlets in Bandra, Mumbai, through which it delivers tea to the city. Chhotu Chaiwala was started by Zepo. It also offers weekly and monthly subscriptions to its customers.

9. Chal Chai Peete hai: Chal Chai is not just a sentence spoken to a friend or a colleague but is also a tea brand. It is a startup started by Madhya Pradesh, it works by giving tea to a world-class by offering a variety of teas and snacks to its customers.

10. Tea Pot: Teapot was launched in January 2013. Tea and snacks are served in teapot-like spaces through teapots. It is similar to the coffee house culture of Western countries, which was started keeping in mind the needs of Indian tastes. 23-Jun-2016

In India, tea is the best beverage after water, which Indians love to drink. People have also started getting awareness for drinking tea, they have started to go to the kiosk, instead of going to the dirty tea stall. Due to which it has started becoming a very profitable business for kiosk owners.

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