Ted Cruz walks out as Trump wins big in Indiana


With the Donald Trump victory in Indiana, the other nominee Ted Cruz has decided to end his campaign and announced this at an event in Indianapolis as he felt that he no longer sees a viable path to the nomination.

Trump took 50 percent of the votes as Ohio Governor John Kasich becomes a distant third.

On the other side Bernie Sanders was heading from Hillary Clinton by a margin, but still the race was too close to call.

Trump has already secured his win in five Northeastern states a week ago, and was contesting against Cruz for Indiana whose Christian conservatism brand had been expected to have wide appeal in the state.


Donald Trump/ American Politician

According to David Yepsen the director of Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, the Republican race was over.

The loss of Cruz became a sour ending to a rough day, where he got entangled in a harsh back and forth with Trump.

Cruz has termed Trump as a “Serial Philanderer”—as a part of his strategy to win the support of evangelical voters. Trump responded by saying that Cruz has become more and more unhinged.

However Kasich vowed to stay in the race, but his only hope to become the Republican Nominee is possible if he somehow deny Trump the 1,237 delegated which he needs and force the Republican at their July convention in Cleveland to choose one of them.

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