How Technology is impacting Children’s Social Skills?

Technology is impacting Children’s Social Skills

Tug of War, basketball, cricket, jumping jack, cycling, all of them have become an alien for today’s kid. Social media has become like a status even for kids. If you are unaware of the device, then you will be bullied among your peer group. Children play with electronic devices like tablets and cell phones and are aware of each and every detail related to it. Today, we will discuss how technology is impacting Children’s Social Skills.
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(Social Media Impact on children)

Like every other thing, this also has both negative and positive effects on children. Excess of anything can be harmful and this applies in this case too.

The digital world in which we are living, help us in connecting to the people we care about. However, it is important to save the kids from the overexposure of technology.

Can Be Destructive

Let’s know how the casting of young minds can be done through social media. The first thing which is very obvious is, kid’s mind is mouldable, they can be molded very easily and using social media can be very risky for that matter. There is a  certain age for a child to know about different things and if that pattern will be disturbed, then there can be problems that can arise. The knowledge on social media is vast and anything can be read or seen on it which can change the view or thinking of your child.

One of the most common cases related to these matters is cyber bullying in youths. You must have heard many issues related to this which can have dangerous and potentially fatal effects. Every year there are cases regarding the matter. Australia has the maximum number of cyberbullying case.

Technology is impacting Children’s

Social Skills

Too much use of social media can lead to addiction and which in turn will affect the physical health of your child. Spending too much time on gadgets can be a waste of time and can hinder the growth of interpersonal relationships. A person’s mental and physical health depends on the days of his youth. The surrounding in which a child is spending his time molds and makes his thinking permanent for the lifetime.

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The physical health of a child is disturbed on a large scale due to the excessive use of electronic gadgets which prevent them from playing out on the ground. This practice comes along with one more problem of not making the child socially active in real life. Too much use of social media can also lead to depression and hinder mental growth.

Spending too much time can make the person narcissist. The way of looking, dressing style and perception of himself can occupy the large part of the mind which can be the waste of energy as well as time.


Spending too much time can be fatal for children. It is your responsibility to make your child more active and responsible as the future of the world is in their hands. Encourage them to meet new people and expand their groups and make them realize the importance of love and care of real people. 

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