Techno Fest: 2.1% of India’s GDP by Chemical Industry

Day 5: CSIR wants Chemical Industry to contribute more to India’s GDP

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) took ahead its theme based representation on the fifth day of the ‘CSIR Platinum Jubilee Technofest’ at 36th India International Trade Fair. The theme for the fifth day was ‘Chemicals and Petrochemicals’ to throw light on the scope and achievements of the Chemical Industry.

The theme showcased the latest technologies of various labs in the country. Prof. Rakesh Khandal, President, Research and Development, India Glycols was the chief guest of the event.

Mr. Khandal said, “Besides R&D, CSIR should also take care of the supply chain management, end –to –end perspective strategies and digital transformation.”

Techno Fest: 2.1% of India’s GDP by Chemical Industry

He further added “Chemical Industry shares 2.1 percent GDP of India, 3rd largest producer of chemicals in Asia and 6th in the world. The industry will surely grow in coming years.”

Apart from him, Dr. Girish Sahni, Director General-CSIR also added his thoughts and said, “Chemistry is the backbone or rather mother of all lives. CSIR needs to partner with the chemical industries to explore many new areas.”

According to Dr. Girish Sahni, “CSIR has very capable manpower and facility to carve a glorious path towards the revolution of the chemical industry.”

Several quiz contests for school students were also organized by CSIR-NCL that gave students exposure of the live labs’ reactions. They got an opportunity to meet the scientist and researchers attending Technofest across the country.

Techno Fest: 2.1% of India’s GDP by Chemical Industry

Signing of important MoUs of CSIR with industries and institutes concluded the event. The event will continue till November 27th at Pragati Maidan in Hall No `12A. CSIR is celebrating its platinum Jubilee and to celebrate it, technofest has been organized.

Every day a new theme is showcased in the event. You can also be the part of technofest and can explore a lot about technology that you actually don’t know. Apart from it, entry in Trade Fair for common people have commenced today. Tickets are easily available at various metro stations.

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