Teacher’s Day 2018: 10 types of teachers we all had in our lives

Teacher’s Day 2018 Special: 10 types of teachers we all had in our school

Teacher’s Day 2018 is around the corner. In India, teachers’ day is celebrated on September 5 as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by our teachers.  5th September is the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnan. He was known diplomat, Scholar, the President of India and above all, a teacher.

Since the year 1967, 5th September is celebrated as teachers’ day all across the nation. Well, Teachers’ Day 2018 is around the corner. In that case, we decided to jog up your memory. Here are 10 types of teachers we all had at our school.

Teachers Day 2018

1.The Over- timer 

He or she will always extend the class. Even if the class is over, she will not let you move because she has to cover her syllabus. The over -timer takes away the perks of our ” Games Period”

2.Ms .Super Strict

She would never come to class with a smiling face. She would even not smile at the funniest jokes. The only thing you will hear ” Get out of my class, is this a fish market.” Punishing students is her hobby. It’s like – “Koi toh chahiye unhe”

3. Ms. Oh -so -hot

Do you remember Ms. Chandini of Main Hoon Na? Just like that. The moment she enters the class, the weather gets changed. Her smile, aura, dresses will keep you fixed to your benches

4. Ms. “Hindi mai baat karey”

The trend of speaking English in schools is now a norm. But our Hindi teacher always tells us the importance of Hindi language.  So, she says – Hindi mai baat karey.

5. Ms. No- Formality

She is the most chilled among all the teachers. Like you can go and talk to her about anything. She would not judge you and will always come to your rescue.

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6. Ms. Spy

She would know all the gossips. She would have your Pal- Pal ki report. She is a pro when it comes to using her trump card – *Your Secrets*

7. Ms. Surprise Expert

She will keep surprising you by taking a surprise test. Open your notebooks and get ready for a surprise test.

8. Ms. I am not interested

She would come, talk about a few topics and then she doesn’t care what others are doing.

9.  The Relocator

She/He will always call the backbenchers in the front row. Would break bonds and would make friends sit separately.

10 The Problem solver

Ask me a hundred times if you have not understood. Yes, she will clear all your doubts and would ask you again and again – Samajh mai aya.

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