Teacher’s Day 2018 Special: Let us thank our First Guru, ‘Mom’

Teacher’s Day 2018: 10 things we have all learned from our Mom!

Teacher’s Day 2018- Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September across India every year. Teachers’ Day also marks the birth anniversary of former President, teacher, and educator Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKirshnan. Well, teachers play a vital role in everybody’s life.  They make us learn the basics of life. We learn discipline, decision making, basics of life under their guidance. They shape our future and for that, we all remain thankful to them.  But our mother always remains our first teacher. Here are 10 important life lessons that I have learned from my mother. It’s time to thank the first teacher of my life.

Teachers day 2018

1. Laughter is the best medicine

There is no tax on Smile. You should always wear it. It is the answer to everything and if you can laugh easily, then that is the biggest gift.

2 Becoming Financially independent is very important- Teachers’ Day 2018

Yes, she has taught me this right from the beginning. Not for her benefit, but for mine. She gave me the freedom to make my independent decisions. However, she is always there to give her inputs whenever I ask.

3. Do not run behind people, right people make their way on their own

She tells me that you don’t have to run behind people. That is the waste of time, you cannot beg people to stay with you. Wait for the right time because right people will make their way to your life on their own.

4. Striking a balance between family and work is important

Yes, she has motivated me to become an independent woman. But she keeps telling me that striking a balance between family and work is really important. Do not bring work home.

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5. Self -Love comes first

We are a generation of heartbreaks and we should accept this fact. We have the tendency of making things complicated. Mom says you need to first learn self – love, then only you will able to love someone unconditionally.

6. Make Mistakes

She says do not get scared of making mistakes. That is a part of life.  We all make mistakes while growing up and that’s okay. She says the only thing that you can do is- learn from your mistakes.

7. Make quality friends

She doesn’t believe in quantity. She has taught me to make a few friends but true friends. She says you should break your boundaries when it comes to true love and friendship

8. The comparison is the enemy of joy

You should always count your blessing. Comparing yourself with others will always bring disappointment. Do not compare yourself with others.

9.Practice Equality

Everybody is equal in this world irrespective of their gender, color, caste, and creed. Always have respect for others. Respect is earned, and if you want for yourself, first give it to others.

10 Last but not the least, Live in Present

Her biggest mantra for a stress – free life. Do not think about the past and do not worry about the future. Things will fall into place. You just need to relax and enjoy your present.

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