Tattoo Artist Vikas Malani talks about Love of his life (Tattoos)

Few interesting things you need to know about Tattoo Artist Vikas Malani

Vikas Malani
Vikas Malani

Well, as we all know tattoo is the new trend that people are following these days. But when it comes to getting inked, we often get confused about designs and artists. Body art is a popular way of self –expression but before you finally make your mind of getting inked, you should always talk safety procedures with the tattoo artist. We recently got an exclusive opportunity to get easy with a prominent tattoo artist Vikas Malani. Here is what all he shared with us.

creative tattoos
creative tattoos

Vikas Malani- celebrity Tattoo artist of India was always interested in doing something in life and thank god he did, and that’s Body Canvas came into existence. Well, tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink dyes and pigment, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of skin to change the pigment.

As a young boy, Vikas always enjoyed sketching designs. He use to participate in various face and body painting competition during his college days. As he was very much interested in making tattoos he decided to take it as a profession. His passion has now become his addiction which makes him perfect at his work. So far, Vikas has made thousands of tattoos.

wonderful arts
wonderful arts

At 35, tattoo artist Vikas Malani is the most sought after. Tattoo artist of India, with an experience of more than two decades of learning and experimenting with the ink. As he was from Rajasthan, he had his roots in Jaipur and Gwalior, the two most enticing and artist land of the nation ,he feels the vacations during growing up year in these two native cities, play a major role in influencing the early day of his life.

Today, Body Canvas has studios in Pedder Road, Malad and Bandra in Mumbai, Hauz Khas Village in Delhi and Greenwich in London.

Winding up the conversation Vikas said, “We all have to do our share of hard work to achieve our goals in life, and I have also done it. As an individual I have come a long way and there is no looking back now.”

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