Tatkal Train tickets to cost more

One of the provisions that the Indian Railway System of India has isthat of Tatkal where train tickets can be booked immediately.



This isone of the most beneficial provision of the Indian Railways as itallows for passengers to book tickets in case of emergencies or anyother issue, which decreases the hassle. From the 25th of December,the Government will be charging more for these tickets. This hike hasbeen done to increase passenger revenue collection.

The minimum tatkal for AC 3 tier is Rs.300 instead of the earlier Rs.250. For sleeper class will be Rs.100 from Rs.90. For AC 2 tier theminimum is Rs. 400 from the earlier Rs.300.For AC-3 the maximum revised charge is Rs 400 instead of Rs 350 andfor AC-2 Rs 500 as maximum charge against Rs 400 earlier.

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