TAROT PREDICTIONS FOR THE WEEK 13th March – 19th March 2016


Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions. She teaches psychic development through meditation & relaxation, which includes self-healing & self-awareness. She is a certified Grandmaster in Reiki, Advanced Dowsing Past life Regression and Hypnosis. One World News brings to you, yearly birthday predictions for those whose birthdays fall in the week TAROT : PREDICTIONS 9th APRIL – 15th APRIL 2017, 2015 by the famous astrologer, numerologist and Tarot Card reader Tripti Chitkara.


ARIES – There seems to be a lot of mental activity going on, mostly work related. There are a lot of decisions you need to make and completion of a lot of goals that you are working towards which are keeping you mentally preoccupied and not available for your personal relationships. Try and find time for family and friends as well.


TAURUS – A complete change in circumstances in your outside world and a transformation within seem to be the reigning theme of the week. This is going to be a long slow process and do not expect any quick results. However, if you work well with all the new that is coming into your life, these changes and transformation can be a heaven sent opportunity to live your life as you have always imagined.
GEMINI – Some kind of an exchange of energy is indicated. If you have applied for a loan, scholarship or grant it may not come through the way expected but some type of help will definitely come your way. In case you are seeking some important information then you will get it if right people are asked for it.
CANCER – This is a week for finding answers to questions you haven’t asked god yet. Expect a lot of work and spirituality communication and conversations this week. Romantically you find a relationship that is fun , loving and spiritual at the same time , exactly what you have been looking for. In fact , you are exactly where you want to be in all spheres whether romance , work or spiritually.
LEO – Expect new beginnings in several areas this week – work , romance , a new appreciation for life . You will love all these new beginnings as they are exactly what you have always wanted. Your heart chakra opens up and expands as you give gratitude to the universe and open your arms and heart to receive.
VIRGO – The only reason why your life is not moving forward is because you are indecisive about which path to take. You need to weigh the pros and cons for sure , but unless you take a path and move forward you will keep sitting at crossroads. Romantically there seems to be some interference in your relationship. Try having a frank heart to heart talk with your beloved before coming to any conclusions.
LIBRA – You simply take a break, whether for an actual holiday or shutting out of your mind present work or relationships or even just taking a day off and do something relaxing to rejuvenate yourself. The hectic pace at which your life has been moving makes it very evident that a break is mandatory to renew yourself. Use this break to sift through the many options available to you both in personal and professional areas.
SCORPIO – You find yourselves doing a lot of mixing and matching or permutations The trick here is to find the right balance which is often found only in the middle path in any situation. and combinations of different scenarios, both in professional and personal situations, to come up with the best possible solution.
SAGITTARIUS – You seem tired and impatient this week , ready to give up on goals you have held dear for a long time. Please don’t do so . You are closer to your goals than you think. Hold on for a bit longer as one last interview , revision or obstacle remains. All will be well soon enough.
CAPRICORN – Expect strife , competition , unnecessary fighting and a lack of cooperation both at the place of work and at home this week. Your own temperament and irritation will not help matters much in this situation. Try your level best to stay calm and cooperative even though this will be difficult.
AQUARIUS – A major wish fulfilment in some area of your life is on the cards. Things may not manifest as you had imagined them to but they will still be pleasing to you. This is a week of enjoyment and happiness in many ways. So just have fun.
PISCES – Happiness in work can safely be expected. You might get the job of your dreams which might entail some travel or even a move away from your present location. It is also possible that your office might shift from its present location to another part of town , even in the same job. Romance wise , either a good friend will become something more or you might meet someone new and interesting through work.

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