Tarot : 10th JANUARY 2016- 16th JANUARY 2016

TAROT PREDICTIONS FOR THE WEEK 13th March – 19th March 2016



Tripti Chitkara originates from a long line of Natural Clairvoyants and gives psychic clairvoyant readings in addition to reading the tarot cards. She uses her advanced knowledge of ‘Western Astrology’ and ‘Numerology’ in giving out accurate predictions. She teaches psychic development through meditation & relaxation, which includes self-healing & self-awareness. She is a certified Grandmaster in Reiki, Advanced Dowsing Past life Regression and Hypnosis. One World News brings to you, Tarot Predictions according to your sun sign for the week 10th JANUARY 2016- 16th JANUARY 2016, 2015 by the famous astrologer, numerologist and Tarot Card reader Tripti Chitkara.



ARIES : Party time! In your personal life there could be a celebration like a wedding or a big birthday bash on the cards where you have a great time with close friends and family and spend money on the same. Work wise too there should be an achievement and the office environment will be joyous and happy. Enjoy!


TAURUS : Those working in media, journalism, movie business or M.N.Cs will do exceptionally well. For everybody else too moderate success might be anticipated. Romance and personal relationships are all you could ever have hoped for. Travel abroad whether for work or pleasure is a distinct possibility.



GEMINI : This is a week of quiet contemplation and learning wisdom. A relatively quiet period of your life is coming to an end. You have learnt a lot from this period and the future will now bring opportunities to practically apply this inner wisdom in all areas of your life. Romantically, a mentor or an advisor might become something more, this week.



CANCER : You achieve a lot this week, professionally speaking. You shine at the work place this week and are successful in any endeavour you take up. A well-deserved promotion or pay rise this week is a possibility. Those who have applied to M.N.Cs for high up positions might expect success. Not much time for romance this week.



LEO : Promotion, pay rise, respect from fellow workers, praise from bosses, whatever it is that you have been sincerely working towards falls in your lap this week. Offer thanks to the universe / god. It’s a good week for you enjoy the fruits of your labour. In the romance department there is immense passion and equality. Truly a great week!


VIRGO: A work related situation moves forward and gains momentum. You might even have to do some hectic work related travelling this week. Your very busy schedule hardly leaves much time for relationships. Just remember to rest from time to time as the proverb says – pause to smell the roses.



LIBRA:Rejoice. Whatever it is that you achieve this week, whether at work or in relationships, is a result of your own hard work and the victory is sweet. Enjoy your success. Keep something away for a rainy day and enjoy this time as this too shall pass.



SCORPIO:Great success and recognition is your fate in work matters this week. A likely promotion, pay rise or a happy job change is definitely coming your way. Personal relationships are sober, mature and drama-free.



SAGITTARIUS: Life is wonderful and magical at this time. All your plans seem to be going well towards their conclusion. Your mind is working in a way that you manage to create almost magical situations for yourself by using conscious magic. You are also the smooth talker who manages to sell your ideas and plans to anyone.


CAPRICORN: Victory is possible after a period of strife. However, by the time you reach that stage of achievement your mind set would be different than when you started, making you wonder if you really wanted to win in this situation. It’s a week of self-questioning.



AQUARIUS: Expect a lot of communication via emails, messages and telephonic conversations etc. especially in work related matters. Your scepticism will give way to utter and complete faith in areas where you had none earlier. An interesting week ahead. Romantically , you could suddenly meet someone whose work and spirituality you are attracted to.



PISCES: There is unclarity or secrecy surrounding lot of issues in your life right now. Your logical reasoning is going to be of no help to you. Follow your intuition to try and figure out creative solutions to problems. But remember not to get frustrated as only time will resolve certain issues. Stay away from any office gossip as there is a chance that you will get the blame for something you have not even said.


Tripti Chitkara is a New Delhi based tarot card reader and can be reached at info@oneworldnews.in or on +919899766066 and through her website : www.tarotcardindia.com