Tanisha Bakshi, a girl who paints ‘Emotions’ on canvas 

Parul Srivastava
tanisha bakshi

Youngest Indian Artist Tanisha Bakshi will showcase her artwork ‘MAHFOOZ’ in Dubai, Deets inside.

Tanisha Bakshi is the youngest Indian artist who does realistic painting. Her work style is very unique and involves the use of materials that are used by a mother on her journey through motherhood as a base for her artworks. For her, the use of these materials is indiscriminate and complex. She has made it an integral part of her art practice to represent a hidden history sacred to those in the paintings, a history that she is always honoured to become a part of.

“Every scratch on a used thing tells a story, every hole in a used blanket or a ragged cloth has a history,” says Tanisha.

Her recent artwork titled MAHFOOZ, has gained a lot of appreciation, it is a painting done on a mother’s shawl which represents the emotions and the precious bond that is shared only between a mother and her child.

Through her artwork, she tries to depict the “Essence of Slum Life” by using two and three-dimensional surfaces, which represent their daily expectations and their harsh realities, their hardships, visions and their formidable happiness and love, formidable as it is hard to find in their unpredictable and unstable lifestyles and even harder to lose.

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Recently, she got an opportunity to represent her artwork on international platforms like the World Art Dubai which will take place at the Dubai World Trade centre from 8th-10th October. Tanisha believes that a mother’s love is universal and for her, it is the biggest inspiration and an unparalleled driving force.

Sneak Peek into her Journey from a nerd to an Artist

Well, Tanisha was a bright student during her school days. She was a school topper but after class 12, she decided to pursue her passion. Her heart always belonged to art and photography. Tanisha took it as her career and her parents supported her.

Apart from painting, she decided to start Annsagar Foundation, an NGO to contribute to society and bring happiness in the slum life by providing them with food, utilities and quality education. Through her artwork, she loves to capture purest emotions. Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. And money can’t buy it. One can be financially rich but love doesn’t ask your social status and that’s what she explains through her phenomenal artwork.

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Manikant sharma
Manikant sharma
2 days ago

Nice .I m glad to know such as of you..I like realism and prefer to do ..I want to get ur work in my show n my campaign..art director manikant sharma