Tamil Nadu becomes Industry Magnate

The Tamil Nadu State conducted its first ever Global Investors Meet, under the leadership of Chief Minister Selvi.J.Jayalalita on the 9th & 10th September 2015.

The meet was great success and the agreements signed were much beyond the expectations of the state government. The state government had anticipated an investment of one lac crore but the total agreement signed were for 2.42 lac crores.

The significant aspect has been that major portion of these investments are for the Industrial Sector and the second is that it has been extended to the southern district of the state which do not have many industries without concentrating on Chennai, the state capital only.

The expectation is that, establishment of such industries will also encourage investment from the local entrepreneurs in the ancillary units to support these industries thereby creating employment opportunities for educated and semi educated locals.

Tamil Nadu becomes Industry Magnate


It is understood that even at the stage of conceiving this meet the state CM had decided to give priority for investment in the industrially backward towns of Tamil Nadu.

Some of the salient decisions conveyed during the inaugural address by the CM was that the clearances for the establishment of the industries will be given with in 30 days. There will be separate officers assigned for each task and make the process of approvals mcuh simpler. The proposed investment is much higher than the total cumulative investments during the past 11 years in the state.

In addition while industries lead the score board other segments like Power, Textile, Health have also been included to ensure an over all development.

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