Talking about Sex is not ‘ Gandi Baat’- We are the land of Kamasutra

The story of Divine Couple Rati and Kaamadev reveals Love and Sex are important 

Sex is such an overrated word in our country. This one word has a lot of stigmas attached to it. We often don’t talk about it and if someone talks about it often, then that person is considered ‘unsanskari’. The land of kamasutra, India, has now become so conservative that sex talks are considered Gandi Baat. But do you know our country was once known for our openness towards love and sex?

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Word sex was never used in bad metaphor but it was something to be celebrated.  Kama, means pleasure and it was counted among four purusharthas (goals of life), the other three are-  dharma (righteous duty), artha (wealth) and moksha (liberation).

The beautiful story of Rati and Kama

We Indians have a god for Sex – Kama.  The word Kama denotes pleasure. Lord Kama signifies attraction between two people. He is the personification of love, lust, and sensuality. He is usually accompanied by his Rati, who is the goddess of carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure.

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Here are few facts about the couple  

Rati was one of the many daughters of Daksha Prajapati. In mythology, she is desribed as a woman of great youth and beauty

The names of their offspring are Yash and Harsh and did you notice? sexual union and harmony result in joy and grace

According to few stories, it is said that there was a time when she was plain looking, then she earned Lakshmi’s benevolence. Goddess Lakshmi imparted her art of solah shringara. The gods of love, then, had the blessings of the goddess prosperity.

So, one should understand that talking about sex is not a bad thing. People should celebrate the beauty of love, lust and sex.

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