Table etiquette! The table manners you need to know

This article will help you teach the basic etiquette that you need to follow while dining at the table.

  1. Cut one bite at a time. Don’t go bonkers cutting all your food open.
  2. If your food is way too hot . Wait for it to cool down. Its rude to blow on your food.
  3. Always pass salt and pepper together, only if someone asks for the salt.
  4. Wait for the hostess to start before you start eating.
  5. Once you’re done eating, place the knife in a 4:20 fashion in the centre of the plate.
  6. Turn off your phone’s . Its rude to be on phone while you’re in the company of others.
  7. Its rude to add salt and pepper to your dish. Before tasting it.
  8. The fork should be in the left hand while the knife in the right hand.
  9. Avoid placing your elbows on table while drinking from your glass, look into it and not over it.
  10. While at a restaurant never shout out to a waiter. Make am eye contact for ordering something.
  11. If you’re drinking wine from a glass, hold it by the stem.

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