Syrian refugees find refuge in ‘World’s most northerly ski resort’

Syrian refugees find refuge in ‘World’s most northerly ski resort’

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Sweden, like it’s other neighbors has been coming to the rescue of beleagured Syrian refugees.

A refugee girl looks outside of her camp at a hotel touted as the world's most northerly ski resort in Riksgransen, Sweden, December 15, 2015.  REUTERS/Ints Kalnins


To cope with the latest influx, which is testing the resources of all the European nations who have been extending a warm welcome to these refugees, Sweden has checked a batch of them in a ski resort, which is way above Sweden’s Arctic Circle.

The resort is 200 km up from the Arctic Circle, and has got more than 6 hundred refugees camped there.

This is a novel experience for the Syrians, coming from a desert environment, braving the dangerous ocean trip across the sea from Syria to mainland Europe, and thence by train and bus to their final temporary destination.

Received warmly by the Hotel’s Manager Sven Kuldkepp, and provided warm rooms, food and shelter, he has also created a diversion for the traumatised families, by providing free sledges for children, and gyming and boxing classes for the adults.

What were yoga mats, now serve as prayer mats, facing the Mecca, and giving solace to these displaced souls, with a sense of a realisation that after all things will get better for them.

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